PF Concept International B.V.

PF Concept International B.V.

T H E   G L O B A L   G I F T   C O M P A N Y
<!-- Start Story Space -->PF Concept, a division of the Polyconcept Group, is the leader in the creation, development, sourcing, marketing and distribution of promotional products distributed via the promotional products distributors and printers.

PF Concept's unique product mix and entrepreneurial spirit have rapidly built its eminent market position as the European No. 1 Supplier in the creation, development sourcing, marketing and distribution of promotional gift products. PF Concept is dynamic, customer focused, price competitive and service driven.

PF Concept's global organization operates an international distribution- and commercial network of sales-, buying- & sourcing offices in Asia, Europe and is renowned for her quality approach and international successful strategy on corporate brands (Marksman, Aréka, ETC/Greenland, US Basic, McForsum and Best-in-Town) and on licensed products (Slazenger, Pierre Balmain, Paul Bocuse, Laguiole), while focusing on the fine tuning of customer loyalty.

The PF Concept Group carries over 8.000 different articles which are channelled to specialist distributors, printers and retail outlets, and are marketed in all five continents, primarily under proprietary or licensed trademarks. PF Concepts’ successful marketing relies on an integrated R&D division, in-house sourcing and quality control operation in the Far-East (predominantly China), as well as sophisticated logistic and distribution systems in Europe

The Polyconcept Group employs more than 1000 staff worldwide. Company sales in 2004 were in excess of 365 million euros

"Service is Our Business"
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