SCANCON Encoders A/S 


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SCANCON Encoders A/S 

CANCON has since 1980ґ manufactured high quality rotary encoders for the industry. The production line started with a 2 channel Eex-encoder for the Petrol/chemical industry, mainly for petrol dispensers. Today the Eex-encoder range from SCANCON, is one of the widest on the market. The Eex-encoders are available as very compact heavy-duty versions, with shaft or hollow shaft. The newest version is made completely in stainless steel and with IP-rating 67.

 Industrial encoders since 1984

In 1984 SCANCON started the first real production of high accuracy encoders for industrial purpose. The incremental encoder was soon implemented in a wide range of industrial purposes like metal-, wood, plastic-, stone- and food machinery. Also the encoder was applicable to automatic door systems, conveyor systems, cranes, elevators etc.

 ASIC Technology/small encoders

Through the last 6-8 years SCANCON has taken a leading position in small high accuracy encoders. It is now possible, with a new ASIC technology, to produce an encoder with an outer diameter of only 16-mm and 5.000 pulses (20.000 counts) per revolution and one with olny 9-mm, outer diameter, and up to 1000 pulses per revolution.

 100% encoders

The activity of SCANCON is today based 100% on encoders. The main part of the production is for export to the European and American market, where SCANCON is represented by agents and distributors.


The constant development of the incremental encoders shall always ensure our customers the best possible technology on the market. SCANCONґs future will mainly be concentrated on the development of smaller encoders with even higher accuracy and higher frequency.

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