GISIN2 (Global Internet Solution in India)) 


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GISIN2 (Global Internet Solution in India)) 


Back in the year 2015, we started GISIN and we’ve been delivering successful projects ever since. From our initial run, we’ve strived to achieve success in our work to deliver an exceptional experience for our clientx.

We are a team of ardent developers, enthusiastic analysts, creative designers and effective managers. Together we work towards one fulfilling goal- Only your success matters. Because we are in no doubt that once we make our client upbeat, there’s no other thing in the path of our own success.



We started GISIN to automize the solutions and we’ve been delivering success.



In the constantly transforming world of today, everything demands Automation.



We apply our technically enhanced work strategies to develop Web and Mobile solutions integerated with IOT.



Over the years, GISIN has grown by digging deep in a variety of services to automate the current solutions.


Offering a competitive edge to your business with Big Data analytics

GIS IN2 understands how the relatively large amount of data can be utilized to gain key business insights and provide a competitive edge to the business. The processes of an enterprise can be transformed for business excellence and better customer experience.

  • Fully managed service with the ability to scale big data analytics products automatically.
  • Predictive analytics, text analytics, user behavior analytics, natural language processing and data mining.
  • Better business through big data infrastructure.
  • Combines data with other information to give business insights.

Digital engagement for connecting people, devices & more

GIS INN2 offers a spectrum of Internet Services, including consulting and technology to gather the critical machines to initiate communication. The machine-generated data can be used for business intelligence, deeper insight, and real-time decision making.

  • Brings varied information from wide resources by initiating device communication to gain business insights.
  • Establishes an ecosystem over the traditional system to implement new services for continual growth.
  • Gains a consolidated view of data across various business channels to effectively track the productivity.
  • Proactively tracks and controls the occurrence of varied issues and fixes them without causing failure.

Orchestrate your business journey from our Cloud Services

GIS INN2 leverages the Cloud Platforms to open up opportunities for the business. The Cloud Platform features the computing environment for both structured and unstructured data. We have proficient experience in the field of delivering the enterprise applications starting from architecture to deployment.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google App Engine