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Appness recognizes the challenges that businesses face in implementing Facebook ad campaigns and maintaining a consistent creative strategy. To address this, Appness has developed a creative marketplace for Facebook advertising that provides marketers with access to the human cloud: freelance creative teams and media buying talent powered by the platform’s intelligent ad optimization algorithms.

The unique Appness techniques were designed to eliminate the major problem encountered by advertisers when working with creatives and to support companies that lack expertise in traffic purchasing by streamlining and automating media buying on Facebook.

Headquartered in Cyprus, Appness connects 100+ advertisers with 1000+ ad designers from all around the world and 30 in-house media buying professionals.

See what Appness has to offer:

  • Steady flow of unique media

Leverage a continual flow of unique creatives managed by the platform’s ad optimization algorithms and the Appness in-house team of advertising experts.

  • Ad content versatility

Appness prevents you from tunnel vision by opening access to the expertise of thousands of ad creators from all around the world.

  • Brand safety
    All images and videos are made in accordance with your guidelines. Before they are served to your audience, all ads are carefully reviewed by our specialists and verification processes to ensure the safety of your brand. If you're aiming for a consistent content strategy, Appness also allows you to pre-approve all creatives provided by freelance designers and media buyers.

  • Transparency
    With Appness you're always in control – you can either check out the big picture from the Performance Dashboard or view every single detail with our fully customizable Statistics tool. The unique Creatives Feed feature lets you see all ads running for your app and immediately pull the plug on anything you don't like.

  • Speed and scale

If you come up with a new idea or offer, you can rest assured that it will be implemented within 24 hours, ensuring rapid deployment of exclusive creatives.