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About Propellerhead

Our software powers some of the more interesting ideas in Government, Commercial and Non-Profit institutions in New Zealand. Our clients include New Zealand's largest government transport entity - Auckland Transport; the governing body of rugby union - New Zealand Rugby; one of the largest telcos - Spark; our national postal service - New Zealand Post; and the Ministry of Education, Auckland Museum, and Skinny.

For each client, we are a technology partner. We believe continuous advances in technology allow us to utilise newer and better ways of solving problems for our clients and their users. We understand the need for constant evolution in the relentless pursuit of excellence. This drives us at Propellerhead.


Culture & Approach:
We live and die by the quality of our teams, and we are made up of people whose singular purpose is the delivery of great software.

We believe great people shine when given the freedom to do the right thing. Our approach is designed to produce maximum value by stepping out of the way and clearing roadblocks for our teams. We take influence from Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Holacracy. We deliver solutions in a series of small increments, with each iteration providing insights and clarity on user needs, and we are problem solvers who happen to code. We put a premium on communication, collaboration, openness and flexibility.

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