Я хочу тут работать


Hekagro enjoys the happiness of sharing knowledge and experience with you; our esteemed customers since 1987.


Hekagro started as a distributor of the leading companies of the World in the field of Agricultural Medicines and Hybrid vegetable seeds in Cukurova (Adana) region since its establishment. Since 2003, Hekagro has been the distributor of 7 American based leading companies in agriculture market, covering Turkey- South Europe, Northern Africa and Middle-East, widening its line of business by importing new varieties of citrus fruits.


Our services are not limited to introduce our products to our esteemed dealers but also support farmers with technical field studies performed by our energetic agronomist team members.


Hekagro maintains its cultivator identity by planting new citrus varieties in its state of the art 1100da production area in Mersin and continues its projects in 55 cities within Turkey. Since day 1 of its foundation, Hekagro has been recognized by its quality and determination to achieve success in a very short period of time and will not compromise from its values. Hekagro’s unchanging principles will always be; Quality, service and reliability. Hekagro will continue to serve to the agricultural market today and in the future. Thank you for your close interest and support.

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