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Я хочу тут работать


We are PAPATON animation studio. We're all about animation and character design.

In the last two years, we have created over 70 characters and produced nearly 150,000 animation frames for 24 brands and companies. Animated story about the origins of chocolate for Kidzania park, rap commercial for Rus Food Foundation, a series of commercials for BelkaCar, opening captions for Good Boy, the grand prix of the Kinotavr Festival — it's all us.

We are always exploring new directions and launching side projects. For example, we made and launched a database service for Baselance, and created Papaton Shadow Puppets, a unique application for kids and parents.

We came to the conclusion, that it's not necessary to have a large staff or even an office to do great work. What is crucial is to have a close-knit team of colleagues.

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