Itella Connexions, DM/CRM агентство 


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СМИ, маркетинг, реклама, BTL, PR, дизайн, продюсирование

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Itella Connexions, DM/CRM агентство 

Our range of services:
Itella Connexions is a direct marketing consultancy offering intellectual services first-hand:

  • Database generation, management and analysis
  • Digital consultancy
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative development (copy and design)
  • Artwork production
  • Research
  • Telemarketing
  • Campaign management and results analysis

For technical services and services which are not usually included in classical direct marketing, we work directly with a variety of providers to meet our clients’ specific needs, quality standards and cost expectations.
They include:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Hosting and IP-access
  • Focus group research
  • Print services
  • Packaging and mailing services
  • Fulfillment services

Agency's Special Skills/Experiences:
Databse and technology driven direct marketing campaigns that provide measurable results and ROI for our clients.
Statement of principle:
We work hard to live up to these words on every single project.
Whatever marketing problem our Client has to solve, he’s sure to get a solution from us backed by 10+ years of experience (the most an agency can have in Russia), and creativity in strategy, targeting, offers, media and execution.
Date established:1999

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