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MNFST is an independent, privately held, global company headquartered in London that operates an online marketplace of commercial and non-profit social media ads available to billions of users on multiple social networks. It's the world's first crowd-promotion platform.

Our mission is to allow any social media user, large or small, to monetize his or her digital profile the same way people monetize their other assets in the era of the sharing economy.

MNFST is a place where users can be rewarded for showing support for the causes, events, and brands they care about most. Users can create static or video posts on their social network accounts using segmentation and AR technology in just 3 taps and then get paid based on their popularity on social media.

For brands and companies, MNFST acts as a broker between them and the users. We receive a 15% commission for each paid post, and the rest goes directly back to the user.

We believe that everyone can be an influencer, and, with this belief, we are creating the opportunity for brands and companies to tap into new markets and generate more widespread and organic promotion.

In addition to paid campaigns, we support charities and non-profit events and offer opportunities for users to share significant moments and life events with their followers in an innovative way.

In an era  when the digital ads industry is hungry  for new ideas, we’re bringing innovation to billions of users and hundreds of brands.

MNFST is already live in the UK and launching soon in Poland, Russia, India and the US. 4 brands and 3 charities are already onboard. And that’s just the beginning!


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