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Diamond business founded in Geneva & Antwerp in 2004 by Scher family – the Kohlenoire brand (SCHER1850 before 2019) continues to set the standard in diamond selection & cutting, delivering a bespoke fine jewelry to a global market. Our exquisite design philosophy – in which the individual gemstones, rather than the metal settings, would dictate each design - makes us a-one-of-a-kind Diamond Concierge.

With a help of new technology it is now possible to reborn fine jewelry design and expand Kohlenoire brand from unique gemstones to incredible fine jewelry. Kohlenoire Masterpieces are designed not only for billionaires, but to a wide range of successful global citizens.

Today, "La Maison Du Diamant Kohlenoire" continues its tradition of design and quality without compromise in its  diamond offices & boutiques around the world, including major diamond capitals - Antwerp, Geneva, Hong Kong, New York, Ramat Gan (Tel-Aviv) & Moscow.

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