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Unifin Consulting was founded in 2013 by a group of professionals from the audit and legal industries in order to serve innovative high pace entrepreneurs. With exponentially growing needs and changing market place circumstances, the consultancy was compelled to design and generate out of the box solutions for the Fintech industry. Our company’s objective is to assist clients in development and operation of their businesses in an everchanging business environment. In the last two decades the globe has become a much smaller place mainly due to the introduction of internet to the mainstream market and global economic alliances such as EU, OECD, etc. Au contraire, governments are competing to attract businesses and tax revenues in turn creating a hostile environment. While the world chaotically transforms, Unifin allows E-commerce firms to maintain continuity and stable revenue with its ingenious solutions.

Unifin provides its clients consultancy services within the Fintech structure. We provide essential and fundamental framework services which are necessary for E-commerce in general. These consist of progressive and detailed international tax planning tailored to our clients’ needs, accounting, and company formation. Additionally, we provide complete due diligence services from KYC to compliance AML.

As our firm evolves with the constantly morphing business world, Unifin is proud to offer services for the Fintech industry and Fintech clients. These specialized services include unique payment solutions, EMI and API licensing, Crypto licensing, and strategic consulting. Furthermore, we aid customers in overcoming complex corporate banking difficulties and provide originative solutions for account opening. In consonance with our innovatory nature, we specialize in providing unique solutions to the cryptocurrency industry within in the Fintech framework. Unifin assists ICO by way of consulting with reference to appropriate jurisdiction selection, structuring of businesses, legal counsel, set up with exchanges for further exchange into Fiat money. Furthermore, we accompany and assist the entire compliance process including turning cryptocurrencies into Fiat and listing of new tokens.

As of today, Unifin operates out of four office locations (Moscow, Tel Aviv, Zug and Prague) and have established numerous international alliances with professionals, Fin institutions, and technology providers around the globe.

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