Сферы деятельности

Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет


VEDA's mission
Protection of personal information in digital world.

The importance of information has increased in the modern world. Distributed registries have resolved
the issue of trust. However, the problem of privacy and data security in the network, has not been solved yet .

VEDA’s technology is a combination of distributed registry, encrypted communication channels, token files and smart contracts. The main advantage of the system, in working with information, is the lack of a single point of failure and
a central point of information collection, which frequently become the target of hacker attacks.

There is no possibility to gain unauthorized access to the data. Your information is protected as well as state confidences.
The information, transmitted and stored by users, is located only on the senders’ and recipients’ devices, while the distributed registry stores only references to the transactions made.

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