Вахтель ГмбХ, Представительство 


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Вахтель ГмбХ, Представительство 

Представительство немецкой фирмы, производящей и поставляющей хлебопекарное оборудование.

For decades Wachtel has been known as the specialists for electrically heated baking ovens. INFRA, COMET, PICCOLO and THERMIC - these model names are synonymous for quality electric baking ovens.

Since October 2000, we offer our complete baking program - worldwide! Wachtel took over the production, sales and service for all Winkler, Villingen's craft ovens including the world renowned COLUMBUS deck oven and COMPACT rack oven. As you know, the quality of the Columbus and Compact have earned worldwide recognition as the finest craft ovens manufactured. The Wachtel product range will be manufactured at two sites. Electrically heated baking ovens will be manufactured from the specialists in Hilden while the oil/gas heated ovens from the experts in Pulsnitz (Dresden). Sales and marketing is generated from their headquarters in Hilden and service is organized by three regional service centers located in Hilden, Pulsnitz (Dresden) and Bräunlingen (Donaueschingen).

We are pleased to advise you that Wachtel offers all craft baking ovens with the specific energy needed by the customer. Upon request, we will send you the energy cost comparison.