ООО Джерман Стандард / German Standard

ООО Джерман Стандард / German Standard

German Standard is a software development company that focuses on delivering a high quality services and creating the best environment for its employees. We are building a strong teams of professionals to satisfy the needs of German and Western markets.

Our goal is to build teams based on German working principles: being self-organazied, openminded, proud, punctual and high qualitative. With the help of German experts we are constantly improving the skills and qualification of our team members to correspond to German standards.

The company is founded by a perfect combination of Belarusian and German partners to accumulate all cultural and national peculiarities of both countries. It allowed German Standard to become a unique software development company in Belarus that uses the very strong German brandmark. We are working in the industry since 2005 and gathered significant experience to keep our team and clients satisfied.

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