Senteo Inc


Senteo Inc

A global company that helps clients create unique and memorable customer experiences that lead to sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.

In this new economy, Senteo’s mission to help companies transform their businesses and create long-term relationships with customers is more relevant than ever. In fact, the most recent version of the Senteo methodology is focused not only on individual customer experiences, but the nature and health of the relationships that emerge with ongoing contact between the customer and the provider. These new developments have led us to coin the term “relationship-centricity,” which we believe is the natural evolutionary step after customer-centricity.

Senteo is now on a new path of growth, dedicated to helping businesses banks, retailers, HoReCa, technology companies, telecoms, manufacturers, and even governments to enhance the quality of their relationships with customers through meaningful experiences (B2B, B2C, B2G, G2C, G2B).

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