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Руководитель проекта


Leadest.pro is a global B2B lead generation partner.

Global B2B companies face several problems:

  • Not structured in-house process of lead generation
  • Automation is not used
  • Managers are not working with all the segments properly
  • Materials are not updating
  • Problems of fast scaling and fast start

Outsourced activities on lead generation process!

  • We automate the process of lead generation in LinkedIn
  • Providing leads to your managers through CRM and chats
  • Your managers are focused on closing the deals
  1. We identify your product, target audience and preferences (1 week)
  2. Setting up the automation tools, scripts, promo materials and dedicated account manager (2 weeks)
  3. Structuring the initial pipeline in the CRM (1 week)

Get the whole process ready in 1 month!

Get the structured, automated and easy-scaled process of lead generation for your company. 

Leads will convert to sales and sales to revenues!

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