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Rearden Media

We are marketing agency and we are creating ads for our e-commerce clients. Our Values:
  • Fairness — We want the working relationships we have to be a win-win for everyone and work only on a longterm basis with our team members.
  • Facts > Feelings — We value data over everything and communicate with everyone in an honest, open, and direct way. We are respectful and reasonable as well, and do not have unrealistic expectations + make assumptions.
  • ​Company = Friends — We spend free time together in online meetings to compensate for the lack of a traditional office environment.
  • Client Results = Company Growth — Our client interests come first. We also make sure not to grow to fast for our clients and make sure every project gets the attention it deserves.

Your Benefits:

  • The perfect learning opportunity. Learn exclusively, proven knowledge in a developing field from a team that is in the top 1% in its' field of expertise.
  • ​Become a master at your craft. We only work with one type of client and provide one type of service to them. This means you’re going to be able to master your craft fully over time and become a true expert that doesn’t need to be managed.
  • ​Passion and purpose. Work with a passionate team that really cares about doing quality work and helping clients to make their businesses grow.
  • Growth. We give direct and honest feedback about everything. This is going to ensure that you’ll develop as a person, become a better part of the company and can progress in your carreer. Disclaimer: This can hurt sometimes but is in your best long term interest.
  • ​Secure, longterm position. (see core values)
  • Freedom. The position is fully remote (work from home, a co-working space, etc.).

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