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Value Network

Value Network is a decentralized Binary options platform and exchange. Try the app -

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Started in 2018 by Artem Levin, the Value Network project has initially created the crypto-backed loans platform on Ethereum smart-contracts.

Re-started in September 2020, we’ve chosen the new vector of development — Binary options. We are solving the Binary options industry’s main problems:

By putting the bets against each other on the Ethereum blockchain, letting users compete against each other. There’s no conflict of interest like on 99% of fiat platforms.

UI interfaces are made clear and engaging, differentiating us from current blockchain prediction markets’ platforms.

We use Chainlink as a data feed resource so users to make sure the price is not faked

Also, users can see how their bet changes in price depending on the possibility of the outcome and replace their bets at any time for the additional fee.

 The VNTW token — the core of the Value Network platform plays a critical role in the ecosystem. Its utilities:

  • Access to the exclusive markets
  • Lowering of commissions on the trades
  • Token is essential for creating of the new markets
  • Staking
  • Pre-timing escape of the deal
  • Advertising possibilities on the platform

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