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Caspiisky Buksir 

Caspiisky Buksir is Holyhead Towing’s investment company in Kazakhstan. Founded in the early 1960s, Holyhead Towing is part of a family-owned group of marine companies based in the UK. Holyhead Towing owns and manages a fleet of shallow-drafted workboats and tugs, and works with major clients worldwide. See for more information.
Caspiisky Buksir was founded in 2007 as a fully Kazakh company. It charters and purchases vessels from Holyhead Towing into Kazakhstan and supplies them to clients working in the North Caspian Sea, mainly in the Oil and Gas sectors. Currently it has 5 modern vessels, the oldest one of which was built in 2002. The vessels range from a 22m, 17t bollard pull tug to a 35m, 55t bollard pull ice-Class anchor-handling tug.
As these vessels are modern and powerful, we need good quality, experienced sailors who know their job. If you think you can join a team of modern, forward looking men and women, please apply now.