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Insightegy Consultants offers its services to companies operating in Russia and the former Soviet Union republics to the same extent as in the Western countries.We see our mission in helping clients translate the power of a business idea into insightful strategies which capture and unlock value.

Due to unique opportunities and challenges in Russia, however, our areas of focus are different. Our competence is evidenced by successful delivery in a broad array of projects ranging from Greenfield and M&A's to post merger integrations and business turnaround, each of which has provided client firms with positive tangible result.

In addition to our management consulting expertise, cooperation with us provides clients with a set of unique advantages such as: strong experience in the Russian market, deep knowledge of the local culture and traditions and an extensive contact network in the top ranks of local business communities.

In the Russian market, we mainly provide support to our clients for market entries, business growth, and performance improvement. Our Russian office is located in St. Petersburg - from where we serve our clients  who operate in the large and promising markets of Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic states.

In Russia, we typically provide our clients with these services:

·         Corporate and business unit strategy development
·         Market and competitor analyses
·         Sales and marketing development
·         Development of channel strategies, distribution channels and logistics
·         Business Due Diligence
·         M&A support
·         Post Merger integration
·         Performance improvement programs