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MBiz Global 

Since 2005, M-BIZ Global’s innovative business model has proven to be profitable and has led to new and exciting possibilities. M-BIZ Global connects mobile handset manufacturers and game content providers worldwide with its simple and user-friendly TryNBuy solution. In a growing competitive market, the focus of M-BIZ remains to enhance the end-user's mobile game experience by providing the newest and most entertaining game content, the safest and easiest purchasing methods and opportunities to connect and compete with others. 

M-BIZ Global is also dedicated to serving its partners, mobile game publishers and mobile handset manufacturers. In addition to maximizing revenue, M-BIZ provide a variety of other solutions and services to meet the different needs of its partners, including its Mobidapt and Pocket Arena products. M-BIZ Global currently serves its partners through 10 global offices, located in the United Kingdom (HQ), United States, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Indonesia.