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Mercury Engineering 

About Mercury Engineering

Mercury is a privately-owned company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We began in 1972 and we have opened offices in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, we are recognised throughout these markets as a leader in engineering solutions. We have also implemented a state of the art IT technology and systems. This has enabled us to efficiently manage projects.

Our revenues now exceed €450 million annually and are evidence of the outstanding results on scores of large-scale projects we have completed over three decades.


Mercury aspires to be the most successful multidisciplinary engineering contractor in every sector and geographical area in which we operate.


Care for People

At Mercury, people are paramount so we prioritise the well-being and safety of all our employees. We seek input and ideas from everyone and give each other the respect we expect ourselves, with the understanding that we all have a significant part to play in the company’s development.


At Mercury, we work in an environment of total trust where, through straight talking, clear feedback and constant reality checking, we ensure that our goals and activities are based on our ability to deliver what we promise.


At Mercury, we set ourselves the highest professional standards, achieving them though rigorous, disciplined and efficient practices in all our business and work processes.


At Mercury, we have a commitment to being the best at everything we do. We are passionate in our belief that through excellent performance we can guarantee outstanding results for both our clients and the company.


At Mercury, we constantly strive to identify and adopt innovative ideas. We work hard to ensure that we remain flexible and adaptable within a changing environment and foster high performance teams to ensure our company’s long-term success.


•          General Contracting

•          Procurement

•          Project Management

•          Civil

•          Structural

•          Architectural

•          Electrical

•          Instrumentation

•          Mechanical

•          Fire Protection

•          Structured Cabling

•          Planning & Design


  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Russia
  • North Africa
  • UAE
  • Kingdom of Bahrain
  • State of Qatar


•          Operates as a Registered Russian Subsidiary of the Mercury Group with full Operational and Financial backing.

•          Specializing in Data Centers, Fit-out and M&E Works and Office Interiors

•          7 years in Russia

•          Have Full Design and Build capabilities.

•          Strong Mix of Expat and Local Management and Supervision

•          Over 500 Direct Employees.


Our clients: Siemens, Rusfinance, Oriflame, P&G, Regus, Roche, Citigroup, Dell, European Bank, Sberbank, Unilever, TNK BP etc.

Data Centers Construction

Data Center is a complex technical solution designed to set up high capacity data infrastructure that ensures computer-aided management of business processes. To prevent data leak a Data Center is equipped with physical access control system for technological premises, as well as video control systems. Data Centers are necessary for large concerns to ensure effective operation of: storing large amounts of information, concern`s resources planning systems, documents and e-mail management systems, projects management systems etc. The main Data Center`s infrastructures may be divided into 3 types: informational, telecommunication and engineering. Informational component involves directly in operations with data stream, data transfer, data processing and storage.


MERCURY provides for design and engineering solutions for Data Centers. Сonstructing Data Centers our Company applies last generation equipment for each system. The solutions developed by us for Data Centers are based on the most advanced high capacity power saving technologies, meeting the best worldwide practices, considering «green» approach, increase of target design power efficiency ratio (PUE) of the facility, applying up-to-date UPS systems.

MERCURY provides installation of power supply and lighting systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, systems of grounding and lightning protection, heating, cooling and air conditioning, sewerage and structured cable systems.

It is important to remember that Data Center envisages around-the-clock and year-round operation mode. All types of service and technical maintenance must be carried out without suspending the systems or decreasing the main technological performances.

One of the most interesting technical solutions MERCURY offers to its Clients is for heating system.

Designing heating systems a possibility should be considered to use the heat generated by air conditioning and cooling systems in capacity of «free» natural source of heat to maintain temperature inside the data halls.

When designing climate systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) an economical calculation is to be done and the most efficient financial solution to be chosen in financial terms to plan the utilities costs within current tariff rates for at least 10 years.