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As of January 2007, DFDS Transport changes its name to DSVDSV has operated under the name of DFDS Transport since the acquisition of DFDS Dan Transport A/S (2000), however our history dates back to 1976. We have been through a series of mergers to ensure a key position in the global transport industry, and as a result we have grown stronger and larger.

The Beginning

It all began in 1976 when Leif Tullberg and ten independent hauliers established De Sammensluttede Vognmænd af 13-7 1976 A/S. The company operated as a cartage department for the owners and only handled contracting haulage and deliveries.

Soon the vision became to enter the international transport market. It was realised in 1989 with the acquisition of two competing export companies Borup Autotransport A/S  and Hammerbro A/S-Bech Trans, followed by Samson Transport Co. A/S in 1997 and Svex Group A/S in 1999.

These were important acquisitions as they altered the services and product focus as well as made the framework for an international future of the company.

Strengthening our Global Position

In 2000 the biggest step in the company's history was taken by the acquisition of DFDS Dan Transport Group, which led to a new era and strategy.

Not only did we strengthen our global network, we also entered new market segments. In addition to road transport services in Scandinavia, UK, the Baltics and Europe, the acquisition secured a comprehensive logistics set-up as well as a key position within airfreight and overseas transports to the USA and Asia Pacific markets.

We are always aiming to strengthen our position in the air and sea transport industry and we have positioned ourselves on all major continents. With the acquisition of J.H Bachmann in 2005, we established ourselves in Germany, Australia and certain countries in Eastern Europe.


To put focus on our different services and customer segments, DSV divisionalised its operations in 2001. The services are being developed, interpreted and tailor-made to meet our customers' increasing demands in respect of product solutions, prices and transit times.

Since 2004 we have pursued the plan to strengthen our position in the European market. With the latest acquisition of Frans Maas in 2006, DSV goes from being a Scandinavian player to being a true Pan-European road transport and logistics player.

This is just the beginning of our strategy to become one of the largest and most profitable transport companies in Europe.

DSV is a global transport and logistics company which intends to retain and increase its market position.

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