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Pharm Consult 

Building an evidence-based foundation for better healthcare.

The demand for reliable market intelligence and accountability in global healthcare has never been greater. From researchers and payers to government agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare stakeholders need to better understand the role prescription drugs play in delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies face unprecedented competition for market share and pressures to maximize brand lifecycles, all while proving the value of their medicines.

In today's complex healthcare marketplace, a growing set of audiences depend on IMS to yield the most accurate perspective of global market dynamics.

Organizing a vast array of healthcare data and facts into solid, relevant metrics to help answer key questions is an enormous undertaking. IMS can apply insight and capabilities to a tremendously rich set of data assets and analytics. We are the gold standard in pharmaceutical and healthcare market intelligence, relied on by virtually all of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies — along with government agencies, policymakers, researchers and financial analysts around the globe.

Our end-to-end solutions — integrating unparalleled information, analytics, consulting and services — play a central role in supporting high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. Our people bring the facts and figures to life, leveraging our extensive global network and expertise.