Our Children - Our School (Наши Дети - Наша Школа) 


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Our Children - Our School (Наши Дети - Наша Школа) 

"Our Children - Our School" - Canadian-British Pre-school Educational Centre.


  • -  To make a difference in children’s lives.
  • -  To teach English holistically.
  • -  To get people to feel the language.
  • -  To be a part of providing a diversified, and broad, spectrum of requirements for a wholesome English educational foundation.
  • -  To be of use to the 21st Century children who are born smarter than the generations before them.


  • -  A positive environment, filled with variety and fun.
  • -  Mutual respect within varied approaches to education.
  • -  Necessary environments created for every individual’s needs in helping a child to develop his/her own strategies of learning.
  • -  Male and female teachers.
  • -  1 native speaker per 4 children.
  • -  Materials from the West: Britain and Canada.


"Every child is worthy" -  This is our motto.


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