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ООО Sysmex RUS

Sysmex Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, a leading international company designing and producing diagnostic solutions for medical laboratories world-wide. Located in Hamburg Sysmex Europe GmbH is taking care for bringing the latest healthcare relevant developments to Europe, Middle East and Africa through our affiliate companies and local co-operation partners. Co-ordination of marketing and service activities and communication of regulatory- and market demands to our Japanese mother company made Sysmex the market leader for haematology systems in Europe. The brand name Sysmex is well-known and respected world-wide as being synonymous for innovation and reliability of products and services. In its 40th Year after having been founded Sysmex can proudly look back on a history of care and success. The sales turnover is exceeding the 1 billion Dollar mark and Sysmex is the clear No. 1 in the global haematology market. Sysmex as leading supplier of diagnostic solutions is focusing on best possible laboratory and clinician support by designing and delivering tailor made concepts. Those concepts serve both, the disease and case management and, an optimised case workflow for any individual healthcare institution.

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