Feld & Volk

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Металлургия, металлообработка

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Электроника, приборостроение, бытовая техника, компьютеры и оргтехника

Feld & Volk

Feld & Volk is the most trusted and creative phone customizing atelier. In 2018 Feld & Volk merged with Hadoro Paris (www.hadoro.com), to ensure its dominating position in the luxury tech accessories segment. Hadoro Paris, owned by the Swiss 21st Luxury Holding (www.21st.luxury), is a French designer brand specialising in high-end tech and leather goods. Hadoro combines the excellence of high technology to the precision and the beauty of fine jewellery, leading to the creation of fully customized devices, personalizing their exterior features. The line of products includes custom iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus, AirPods, as well as iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps. The company creates world’s finest personal accessories from such materials as fine leathers, precious metals and gems.

There are 30 staff employees, each and every one is a high-class specialist in an assigned area. The main office and production site are situated within the loft-quarter “Danilovskaya Manufactory”, and are at a walking distance from the Tulskaya subway station.

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