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Innovate engineering software applications by excelling in software development and engineering services.

By tapping the intellectual capital of Russia's scientific elite and applying their knowledge to software development we can provide you with innovative software solutions while maintaining reasonable costs. Our programming team is rigorously trained in mathematical theory and physics. Compelled to find solutions within the constraints of Russian computer technology, our software developers have excelled in achieving complex simulation software for Intel based PC's.

We focus on Microsoft Windows and Intel standards. Our team possesses all levels of programming skills ranging from object oriented C++ to driver development and assembler programming. In projects demanding a particular expertise our teams can be extended to include external specialists from collaborating scientific and research institutes.

Our developers use standard software libraries, which shorten development time and result in structured software. This translates into easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the software can be easily supported and modified by the company that commissions the project.

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