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Brand Loyalty 

BrandLoyalty is one of the world’s leading loyalty consultants to the (food) retail sector, the expert  in designing, organizing, implementing and evaluating innovative, tailor-made loyalty concepts. BrandLoyalty has more than 2 years of success business in Russia. Company's added value lies in a full-service approach; a combination of strategic advice and management of the entire programme. Well-executed, short to medium term loyalty programs result in consumers who visit the store more often, spend more money and/or attract new consumers to the store.

BrandLoyalty supports the continuous professional and personal development of its employees by offering tailor-made learning & development programmes. BrandLoyalty has more than 10 offices throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Our Head Office is located in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Due to expansion of our company business in Russia we like to enforce our Team by hiring  new experts.