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Surinov Alexey

Male, 36 years, born on 28 September 1984


 +7 (926) 555-97-66
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 LinkedIn alexey.surinov

Moscow, metro station Dinamo, willing to relocate (USA), prepared for occasional business trips

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

IT, Internet, Telecom
  • CTO, CIO, IT Director

Employment: full time

Work schedule: full day

Work experience 18 years 10 months

May 2020currently
1 year 3 months
BCS Bank (LLC "БКС Финтех")

Moscow, bcs-bank.com

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
BCS Financial Group is a Russian group of companies engaged in financial activities. The company has more than 40 thousand active clients on the Moscow Stock Exchange, BCS is the leader in terms of trade turnover among all participants on the Moscow Exchange at the end of the second quarter of 2020. Key achievements: • Implemented and launched new Remote Banking, Billing System, OpenAPI, Equiring, several 3rd party integrations, renewed AWP (automated workplace) and other functionalties • Implemented CI/CD pipeline with short time-to-market, automated QA, lowered dependencies from 3rd party services, stabilized the platform Technologies: Microservices (Docker+DockerSwarm), Java/Kotlin, Spring Cloud (Netflix OSS), PostgreSQL, MongoDb, Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, ReactJS, Typescript, ReduxJS, Сordova, Nginx, OpenAPI, Git/GitlabCI/GithubCI, SonarCube, Swagger, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana, Zipkin, PowerBI, Spark, Hadoop, Airflow, Superset, Jira, Confluence
January 2018May 2020
2 years 5 months
Domino's Pizza (LLC "Пицца Ресторантс")

Moscow, dominospizza.ru

Hotels, Restaurants, Food Service Industry, Catering... Show more

Head of Online and Business Software Development
Domino's Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. In February 2018 the chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide in terms of sales with 16,000+ restauraunts all over the world. Key achievements: • Stabilized existing key online ordering applications from almost everyday downtimes to minimum weekly availability of 99.5% • Implemented 700+ feature requests and improvements • Launched brand-new online sales platform, conversion rates grew +50%, online sales began to brought 2/3 of sales with positive LFL at 20% • Raised online sales applications customer rates up to 4.6/4.3 with go-up tendency from 3.7/3.5 with go-down tendency (average rate was 2.5) • Implemented and/or acquired & integrated a bunch of new business applications Technologies: AWS, Azure DevOps, Docker, .NET Core, EntityFramework Core, xUnit Test, MSSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ELK, EventHub, NodeJs, WCF, React, React Native, Flutter, BackboneJs, Git, SonarCube, Swagger, Application Insights, PowerBI, NLog, NHibernate, Jira, Confluence
November 2016May 2017
7 months
Lamoda (LLC “Купишуз”)

Moscow, lamoda.ru

Retail... Show more

Director Project Management
Lamoda is an online store of fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories that offers over 2,000,000 items. Lamoda has its own infrastructure, automated fulfillment centers, distribution network, contact-centers and photostudios. All of these services are also offered to third parties. Company has approximately 4,000 full-time employees. Key achievements: • Defined the process of project initiation and the process of project (re)prioritization • Reorganized ~300 blocked projects with 200 specialists in a realistic list of ~80 ongoing and upcoming managed projects for all teams • Created a master plan for all projects and managed it in real time: ensured company-wide communication about planned projects completion dates and transparent project reporting • Completed 66 projects in 5 months (from the moment when transparency was established, another 15 at the stage of completion, 39 in development and 11 in the initiation stage at the time of my resignation) • Highly optimized budget of the department • Optimized the motivational scheme of the department • Completed the task of capitalizing projects to increase company's EBITDA with minimal efforts for specialists Technologies: Microservices (Docker+Kubernetes), Swift, Kotlin, Go, PHP, Java, Vue.js, Symfony, OpenAPI, Python, Oracle, Vertica, Hadoop, PowerBI, SAP BO, Nginx Plus, PostgreSQL, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Jira, Confluence
January 2015December 2016
2 years
Rambler Digital Solutions (LLC “Рамблер ДС”)

Moscow, en.rds.digital

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Director Project Management
Rambler Digital Solutions is a software company that provides top quality web and mobile solutions by 350+ specialists. RDS is a part of Rambler&Co – group of companies that specializes in media and information technology industries – one of the biggest Internet companies in Russia in 2014 according to Forbes magazine. Key achievements: • Managed 3.5x times business growth (from 100 people up to 350) • Developed and launched new products: Rambler Mail mobile applications, Rambler News mobile applications, RNS.online web site (it was designed and launched from the scratch in two months), Championship mobile applications, Indicator web site, GetRussia web site, Afisha Nightparty web site, Rambler Travel web site and mobile applications, Rambler Tickets branded mobile applications and many others (see the list of the most interesting ones: http://rds.digital/project) • Launched 800+ features releases for existing products, releases were launched in time, within agreed budget and upon agreed quality, that was confirmed personally by the product sponsors • Clients satisfaction every quarter – at least 4.2 on a five-point scale, according to external research data • Completed KPI for projects baselines quarterly at least at 92% • Built a timesheeting system that allowed to monitor utilization, manage and control budgets, plan resources, and so on • Implemented a project database within the internal portal, built a weekly reporting system • Organized the documentation workflow for projects: sharing timesheets with the finance department, preparation of contracts for development/support, preparation and collection of acceptance/transfer acts, etc. Technologies: ~60 products with different technological stack: Python, Go, Perl, C++, C#, React, PHP, Ruby, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Objectve-C, Java, Swift, Docker, Nginx
July 2013December 2014
1 year 6 months
SapientNitro (LLC “СапиентНайтро”)

Moscow, sapientnitro.com

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
SapientNitro – an American company, leading international digital marketing agency that provides business, marketing, technology and integration services to clients. The company has approximately 12,000 full-time employees in 53 offices all over the world. Key achievements: • Conducted multiple negotiations with client and client’s contractors, ensured the expected level of service delivery • Improved the overall product quality and decreased costs for its further improvements • Stabilized workflow process and reduced its costs by 16% • Prepared significant parts of responses to RFP / RFI for new projects, as a result company won several tenders with well-known companies Technologies: Adobe CQ5 (Adobe Experience Manager), Java, OSGi, JCR, Oak, Apache Sling, Granite / Coral UI
December 2011May 2013
1 year 6 months
Read.ru (LLC “Логос-Интернет”)

Moscow, read.ru

Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, International Logistics... Show more

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Read.ru – is one of the leading online book stores in Russia with more than 4,000,000 names in sale, has its own distribution network all over the country. Key achievements: • Dramatically increased IT systems quality, eliminated regular downtimes and established systems support, significantly increased performance of the frontend systems, thereby provided a permanent extra bonus to sales about +13% • Provided for the business the actual understanding of the work done by IT department, thereby enabled an ability for business to plan its dependencies and costs • Led the development department out of crisis, built a resource-efficient development culture, established AGILE (Kanban) • Increased department development velocity by 2.5 times with the same budget • Proposed and executed a change in the management scheme of the company, thereby ultimately brought the whole management of company to the new level
July 2007December 2011
4 years 6 months
Betline (CJSC “Бэтлайн” + CJSC “Хайтеко” + CJSC “Интелгейм”)

Moscow, betline.ru

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Senior Developer -> Team Leader -> Project Manager -> General Director
Betline is a software company that provides top quality web and mobile solutions. Key achievements (as a Project Manager / General Director): • Implemented 300+ feature requests for our client, created reporing services • Established development culture: AGILE (SCRUM), project/system documentation, code repositories, system batch updates with instance swapping, etc., thus made development process much more reliable and predictible • Combined two products into single one keeping advantages of both solutions, thereby made develpment costs twice lower for one of key business directions Key achievements (as a Developer / Team Leader): • Provided development and support for 4 IT systems (3 web sites with cross-mechanisms and accounting system with complex antifraud/bonus/fee algorithms) • Implemented the integration of products with a variety of external systems
August 2005July 2007
2 years
Trans-Ameritech (LLC “Транс-Америтек”)

Moscow, tae.su

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Senior Developer
Trans-Ameritech is an online store for network, telecom and server equipment. Key achievements: • Provided development and support for about 15 existing company web sites with a fundamentally different technical basis (php+mysql+html, perl+oracle+html, asp+mssql+xml+xslt), made them stable and better in performance, developed new functionalities, executed several layout replacements • Developed several new company web sites and systems (for various business areas, for different niches and purposes)
January 2004August 2005
1 year 8 months
I-Teco (LLC “Айтеко”)

Moscow, i-teco.ru/en/

Junior Project Manager
I-Teco – one of the leading russian systems integration and IT provider company by turnover, growth pace, number of completed projects, specialists competences. Key achievements: • Conducted numerous meetings with government customers as a representative of the contractor, collected requirements and presented techincal parts of proposed solutions • Prepared hundreds of documents for these government projects, including the design of parts of the solutions in accordance with the collected requirements: content matrices, process diagrams, data flows, functional diagrams, database structures and other
February 2002January 2004
2 years
MESI (Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics)

Moscow, mesi.ru

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) – one of the higher educational institutions of Moscow. Key achievements: • Provided development and support for the existing university's web sites • Developed a new site from scratch, provided support for it • Automated the routine work of the department's staff, releasing up to 50% of their working time • Conducted dozens of presentations, questionnaires and trainings among students and university staff • Provided support of computers and network for the department

Key skills

Agile Project Management
Project management
Client management
Team management
Negotiation skills
Leadership Skills
Account Management
Software Development
Project Expert
Risk management
Lean Production
Time management
System Integration
Talent Management
Talent Acquisition
Leadership Development
Strategy Development
Operations Management

Driving experience

Own car

Driver's license category B

About me

Russian version of CV: https://hh.ru/resume/b3ddd3d1ff0448c2c40039ed1f4e5a6e323162 Key competences: • Effectively organize software development by cross-functional and distributed teams • Build trustworthy and long-term relationships with both customers and teams • Establish transparency • Scale development management to hundreds of specialists, eliminate narrow and/or irreplaceable elements in the processes, find balances between extremes, continuously improve economic and process efficiency • Technical education and wide techincal background • Fluent English


X5 Retail Group
Nikolay Ermakov (Director Software Development) 
Sber Logistics
Taras Soroka (CTO) 
Alexander Esin (Director Product Management) 

Higher education

Mathematical support and administration of data systems, system and internet development, mathematician-developer



EnglishC1 — Advanced

Professional development, courses

Finance For Managers
Upper-Intermediate Business English
Lingvo Expert
Saint-Petersburg Negotiators School "ШИП"
One-year program: Project Management (PMBOK based) + People Management + Negotiations + Transition to Manager
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
ScrumTrek, SAFe Agilist

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Up to one hour