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Volkov Konstantin

Male, 34 years old, born on 25 September 1986

Saint Petersburg, metro station Kupchino, not willing to relocate, prepared for business trips


+7 (911) 762-00-97
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IT, Internet, Telecom
  • Software Development
  • Consulting, Outsourcing
  • CTO, CIO, IT Director

Employment: project work, part time, full time

Work schedule: remote working, flexible schedule, full day

Work experience 13 years 1 month

May 2018April 2020
2 years

Saint Petersburg, thumbtack.ru/

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Director of development office
Starting up development offices in Saint-Peterburg and Saratov from the ground. Together 60+ people, management structures build for growth up to 120 in each location: - Find and rent office space - Budget forming an execution, control of budget discipline, making it predictable, transparent current state and expences plan up to end of the year - Forming and training fully autonomous office management team, that can operate without me as office director - Resolving startup storming conflicts - Build comfortable enviroment for employees - Correcting marketing strategy of HR brand in location - Interviews of new people - Take care about administrative and economical operations - Project staffing participation - Building management structures (deparment heads, line management) - Make new offices work confident with company culture and values - Present company on public events (conferences, meetups, contacts with universities) - Buld education system for developers from the ground(trainee) up to dev leads - Control over project quality (supervision) - Building line management in a company (not existed) by creating conditions in own departments and whole company - By line management started a process of employee loyality monitoring, which started a "self cleaning" process of firing not efficient and toxic staff by line managers
September 2017May 2018
9 months

Saint Petersburg, www.dataart.ru

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Senior developer
June 2016September 2017
1 year 4 months

Saint Petersburg, www.intermedia.net

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Managment of Core development team of Advanced Email Security project, cloud defence against different threats (spam, viruses, phishing and etc). Python 3.5 + asyncio, Docker, ElasticSearch. Аctive contributor of aiosmtpd project. Highload, 24/7. 100% code coverage, pylint, automatic integration, manual load and stress tests, soft launch. Four layers of monitoring: Zabbix for system level, Prometheus for business metrics, Sentry for active monitoring of application internal state, ElasticSearch+Logstash+Kibana for analytics.
March 2015June 2016
1 year 4 months
AMT Games

Saint Petersburg, amt-games.com

Director of server side
Management of server side team and development of main company project - Battle for the galaxy game (iOs, Android, web). Highload project 24/7 and minimal downtime even for maintanance. - Agile Scrum like methodology, Scrum master - Management of server side team - Hiring new team members Technology: - Python 2.7 - Redis(with replication and slots) + ElasticSearch as DB - ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana as a base of analytic service - RabbitMQ + Celery for deferred tasks - Nginx + Uwsgi - Sentry + Logstash + Kibana + Zabbix as proactive monitoring - Atlassian Bamboo + Docker as CI - Atlassian Jira + Confluence + Stash + Crowd for development process management - Stress and load testing
September 2013February 2015
1 year 6 months
Sokatovo factory, LLC

Ivanovo (Ivanovo Oblast)

Executive officer
Not IT position, but incredible business and team management experience. • Crisis management • Solve QA problems • Create IT infrastructure • Solve common organization problems • Create motivation programs • Team management - team building, solve conflicts, divide responsibilities. Teams reorganization , return "loosed" people. • Company management with extremely limited financial and human resources. • Comunication with business owner.
March 2011September 2013
2 years 7 months
Constant Development

Saint Petersburg

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Own small IT business (management only) of software development on C++/QT. Deep understanfing af all main busness management staff: formal and accurate accounting, HR and laws, taxes, office administration, hiring people and build team. Goverment order, subcontracts for govement related companies and etc. Some projects unders goverment secret. Creating new projects by myself and suppot existing on Python/Django. Stack: Mysql, Apache/Nginx, Twitter bootstrap, jQuery.
September 2010February 2011
6 months

Saint Petersburg, www.developonbox.ru

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Senior UI developer
UI development for interactive TV (USA) on internal company language ZodiacScript (C++ like).
April 2007September 2010
3 years 6 months

Russia, www.mobi-money.ru

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Senior developer
- Participate in highload service development, payment system on Delphi 5 & 2007 - Support and improvement of PayCash Core (core of famous payment systems Yandex.Money (Russia), iDealer (Russia), Cyphermint Inc. (USA)) - Development of bank back office (interaction with bank core) – UI, protocols, encryption and signing, DB, reports in Word & Excel, business logic. - A deep understanding of the industry, bank specific things - Management of «Security audit» project - PCI DSS certification preparation - OLAP with Microsoft Analysis - QA department interaction - Development of test tools

Key skills

Django Framework
Atlassian Jira
Atlassian Confluence
Agile Project Management
Project management

Driving experience

Own car

Driver's license category B

About me

My speciality: mangement, teambuilding, crisis management. Prefer IT but have successful experience in other domains. Have experience of managing own and others business, leading deparment. Managing experience up to 60 persons. Not interestend in relocation of any kind, ready for long business trips if needed. What am I proud about myself: - My CV itself - Alexander Orlov, top speaker of RIT++ 2019 named me in his speach 39:12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iSK-g6dfQM - Barry Warshaw, Python standart library developer, named me in his speach on top Python conference - PyCon 2017, Portland, Oregon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uyo2c2GYKQ, 26:25 3) Andrew Svetlov, Python standart library developer asked me on Github for consulting https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/4923 4) Member of 2020 GitHub Archive Program: for aio-libs/aiosmtpd contribution and my own pet project Tulius.com.


AMT Games
Ilya Dyachkov (Backend team lead) 
Constant development
Alexey Kuznetzov (Founder) 
Sokatovo factory
Max Hotin (Director assistant) 
Ilya Prakht (Director of Saratov Office) 

Incomplete higher education

Petersburg State University of Communication, Saint-Petersburg
Bridges and tunnels, Bridges and Transport Tunnels



EnglishC1 — Advanced

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Up to one hour