Pershin Oleg Anatolyevich

Male, 39 years, born on 10 March 1980

Moscow, m. Алексеевская, willing to relocate (Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Germany, Japan), prepared for business trips

+7 (966) 319-96-79 17:00 - 19:00 (sms) — preferred means of communication

Marketing director

Marketing, Advertising, PR
  • Advertising Production
  • Marketing Management
  • PR, Marketing Communications

Employment: part time, project work, full time

Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day, remote working

Work experience 22 years 2 months

November 2011currently
7 years 9 months
NP "Community for financial market professionals "Sapphire"


Financial Sector... Show more

Member of the partnership
Non-profit partnership "Community for financial market professionals "Sapphire"- an organization uniting individuals engaged in professional activities in the financial sector and working in financial institutions.

The Partnership's mission is to promote the development of the Russian financial market by combining the expertise and talents of the best representatives of the financial professional community.


— Russian financial market promoting and development;
— Partnership members professional development;
— Promotion of the financial professions prestige in Russia, to maintain a high level of spirit of business and professional ethics;
— Promote the creation of conditions for active professional and social activities of their members;
— Involving a broad financial community to participate in humanitarian, legal and other projects and programs;
— The development of all-round cooperation in the financial environment, promotion of partnerships between financial and economic science, education and practice;
— The draft standards and rules of professional activity in the financial market development of and control of lobbying these projects.

During my work there were made logo and I write about doings of partnership in my blogs.
October 2004currently
14 years 10 months
Advertising agency "25 kadr"


Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, Production... Show more

Owner and Director-general
The real name of the agency "25 kadr" - "Team of design and creative ideas". In our crew gathered young professionals wishing to realize their creative and professional ambitions. Create and work differently than in full force, we do not want and do not know how, and we are ashamed to create something "good" or even "just good."

In addition, we need to refine our work were seen and evaluated - and also, in fact, creative and design, our experts are engaged in advertising. We can not just come up with original and beautiful ideas, but also to implement them effectively. So that the efficiency of advertising (the product?) created in the "25K" is always higher than 100%.

Responsibilities - development and sales of agency products:
— Brief filing;
— Price list development;
— Press release writing;
— Offer drafting;
— Advertising;
— Contract signing;
— Results collecting, analysis;

Today I am owner and looking for interesting projects.
May 2015June 2015
2 months
IT company "Core12"


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Development and marketing director
Hardware-software system «Core 12 car wash" - only for car wash.

Step-by-step system «Core 12 car wash" will significantly facilitate the carwash work, it is easy to install and equally easy to manage.


— Marketing plan;
— Brief;
— Naming;
— Price;
— Copywriting;
— Commercial offer;
— Press release;
— Sales;
— Corporate identity;
— Presentation;
— Website;
— Advertising campaign.

During my work there were formulated company goals and I brought clients.
September 2011September 2012
1 year 1 month
Real estate agency "M2kvadrat"


Construction, Real Estate, Architecture... Show more

Co-owner and Marketing department head
Real estate agency "M.KVADRAT" focused on the exploration and development of a unified concept for the effective implementation of retail space. We are interested in the reconstruction of objects on stage or in the early stages of construction, as well as in development aid and a large network of trading business. We are interested in cooperation with the owners of the regional cities of Russia and open to provide work.


— Naming;
— Corporate identity;
— Copywriting;
— Printing;
— Website;
— Sales;
— Advertising campaign.

During my work there were formulated company goals and I brought clients. Today, I am co-owner and looking for interesting projects.
February 2011September 2012
1 year 8 months
IT company "ITprogress"


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Co-owner and Marketing department head
Ltd. "AytiProgress" offers installation and maintenance of semi-touch software and hardware self-service to receive payments ("terminals"). We are OSPM (QIWI) dealers. Working with us, you get not just a terminal receiving payments, as well as day-night operators, collectors and maintenance, which means 24 hours a day-functioning machine.


— Naming;
— Corporate identity;
— Copywriting;
— Printing;
— Website;
— Sales;
— Advertising campaign.

During my work there were formulated company goals and I brought clients. Today, I am co-owner and this company is for sale.
September 2002October 2006
4 years 2 months
1000 W - lighting and engineering company


FMCG (non-edible)... Show more

Co-owner and Marketing department head
The company "1000 W" was founded by experts who have worked in any one year, the leaders of the governing structures of the lighting business. United under the brand name "1000-watt," we set out to build a modern, strong company that will be able to make a new offer on the market with high quality services.


— Naming;
— Corporate identity;
— Copywriting;
— Website;
— Advertising campaign.

During my work there were formulated company goals and i brought clients. Beginning from 100 dollars, now it is a wholesale company. I was co-owner.
June 1997September 2003
6 years 4 months
Music group "The 4 boss"


Public Activity, Political Parties, Volunteering, Non-Profit Organizations... Show more

Musician and Music director
Rock band to play, compose, studio records, concerts.


— Music rehearsals;
— Recording studio;
— Concerts organizations;
— Photo shoots;
— Promotional materials development of (posters, flyers);
— Promotional materials distribution;
— Record producer;
— Website;
— Fan club.

There were more than 100 concerts with such bands as "Hangover", "Landyshi", "Naive", "Pilot", " Smeh", "Tarakany", "Uli". We recorded a music album "Paid" and we wrote an article in Little russian rock encyclopedia.

Key skills

Affiliate Marketing
Brand Promotion
Commercials Adaptation
Commercials Production
Competitors Strategies Analysis
Corporate PR
Federal Brands
Federal Campaigns
Federal Media
First Persons PR
International Brands
Internet Marketing
Loyal Media Pool
Marketing Communications
Marketing Research
Media Monitoring
Media Planning
Outdoor Advertising
Press Advertising
Product PR
Promotional Materials Production
Radio Advertising
Viral Marketing

About me

You can talk and do with me a full range of marketing objectives, to make marketing plan, to develop and refine corporate identity, product and it's presentation, website, social network group, create media plan, to develop creativie, to hold photo shoot, to make video to realize the advertising or internet campaign, radio campaign, TV campaign, outdoor advertising, to write article in newspaper, to organize event. All these tools can be for the purpose of sales or image, as a part of strategic plan or tactical plan.

On the website "" you will discover some works of the advertising agency "25K". In each work you will find the working group and a brief description. This means that if you need an advertising campaign, write...

Interesting English language advertising and PR books:

— Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media by Mary-Lou Galicia -
— The Non-Designer`s Design Book by Robin Williams -

Interesting Russian language advertising and PR books:

— Advertising slogans by Mayakovsky Vladimir -
— The ears waving the donkey. The amount of political technologies by Matveichev Oleg -
— Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media by Mary-Lou Galician -
— Modern world communications by Tulupov Vasily Vladimirovich -
— Pyatnitstso.antologiya folklore runet by Bokarev Timofey, Gagin Aleksander -
— Search engine optimization and web site promotion by Ashmanov Igor and Ivanov Andrey -
— The Non-Designer`s Design Book by Robin Williams -
— The world's most effective PR campaigns by Sitnikov Aleksey Petrovich and Krilov Igor Victorovich -

Interesting English language advertising and PR websites: - News for marketing, media and advertising professionals; - News, analysis and inspiration for the marketing and media community; - News for media, marketing and advertising professionals;

Interesting Russian language advertising and PR websites: - popular Russian language online site about marketing, pr and advertising; - Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. Industry reports; - popular Russian language magazine about outdoor advertising "Naruzhka";
- RosBusinessConsulting advertising, mass media market research reports; - popular Russian language online site about marketing, pr and advertising; - popular Russian language online search engines forum; - popular Russian language online newspaper about marketing, pr and advertising;

Other interesting entertainment media:

— Elvis, Jesus, and Coca-Cola by Kinky Friedman -
— Wag the Dog - 1997 black comedy film. Just days before a presidential election, a Washington, D.C. spin doctor (De Niro) distracts the electorate from a sex scandal by hiring a Hollywood film producer (Hoffman) to construct a fake war with Albania -
— What Women Want - 2000 American romantic comedy film. Nick Marshall, a Chicago advertising executive and alpha male, who grew up with his Las Vegas showgirl mother, is a chauvinist -

I'm interested in creative and advertising festivals:

— Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity - global event for those working in the creative communications, advertising and related fields -
— Golden Drum Advertising Festival of New Europe - one of the biggest creative and advertising festivals in Europe -

Mass media in the three steps.

The first step. Business media:

— RBC -
— Vedomosti -

The second step. High-quality wide media coverage:
— Expert -
— Kommersant -
— -

The third step. Yellow media:

— 1TV -
— AIF -
— BBC -
— Delfi -
— DNI.RU -
— Facebook -
— Forbes -
— -
— inoСМИ -
— Izvestia -
— KM -
— KP -
— Lidenews -
— Linkedin -
— -
— МК -
— -
— Nezavisimaya -
— NTV -
— Pravda -
— Rambler -
— RB -
— RIA -
— Russki obozrevatel -
— Top News -
— -
— Vesti -
— Vkontakte -
— Vzgliad -


Madgroup - IT company
Tumanov M. (Zen Director) 
Google - American multinational technology company
Dolgov V. (Director-general in Russia) 
Yarche - production studio
Ivanova T. (Post-production producer) 
Company of the Year - anual national business awards Russia
Rovensky U. (RosBusinessConsulting Director-general) 
Izvestia - one of the largest digital publishing houses in Russia;
Galumov E. (Director-general) 
Andrey Dronski studio - photo studio
Dronski A. (Advertising photographer) 
Rebranding - design studio
Beltugov F. (Director-general) 
WingsMedia - television company
Razbash I. (Owner) 
GCP Design - production studio
Chuvilin V. (Director-general) 
Burinsky TV - motion design studio
Burinsky O. (Motion Graphics Designer) 
Zhelezny Global - advertising group
Zhelezny A. (Director-general) 
Index20 - advertising agency;
Efimov M. (Director-general) 
Advista - advertising agency
Lokhmakov I. (Director-general) 
Axel Springer SE - one of the largest digital publishing houses in Europe
Shashlova A. (Online projects director) 
DVA Braindonors - advertising agency
Savolokin A. (Director-general) - site about residential real estate
Basharin M. (Economic and financial director) 
LuxPro - advertising agency
Yuriev A. (Director-general) 
I-media - advertising agency
Petrakovsky S. (Commercial director) 
Videoproject - production studio
Sokolov A. (Director-general) 
De-tally - advertising agency
Zhilin K. (Director-general) 
ISeeSolutions - special event company
Romanenko A. (Commercial director) 
GPS-production - production studio
Golcov P. (Director-general) 
Financial Olympus - anual international financial award Russia;
Sokol A. (RosBusinessConsulting Commercial Department Partnership Director) 
Gorod L- advertising agency
Dmitrieva N. (Director-general) 
Begun - contextual advertising service distributing ads between thousands partner sites;
Gomulina U. (Financial analyst) 
Gorbukov Aleksey studio - photo studio
Gorbukov A. (Advertising photographer) 
Person of the Year - annual international award Russia
Dembicki Y. (RosBusinessConsulting Internet Departament Sales Director) - major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet
Bagudina E. (Director) 
Media Mir - advertising manufacture company
Gurevich M. (Director-general) 
Pro-media - advertising agency
Korbut O. (Advertising agency director) 
Kokoc - advertising agency
Yanovich O. (Deputy Director-general) 
Bit'em up - creative and design studio
Skobelev B. (Creative director) 
Big Idea - advertising agency
Krehalev A. (Director-general) 
Real experts - advertising agency
Zaugolnikov I. (Director-general) 
Yandex - Russian Internet company
Volozh A. (Director) 
Business News Media - publishing house (newspaper Vedomosti)
Berestneva M. (Financial analyst) 
Big Media - advertising agency
Virkova O. (Director-general) 
Westdia Media Limited - advertising agency
Klimenko N. (Сhief accountant) 
Webbika - advertising agency
Kozachenko A. (Advertising agency director) 
Amber - production company
Novik N. (Director) 
Vera Olymp - advertising agency
Dumin D. (Director) 
Adeng - advertising agency
Ponomareva K. (Owner) 


Higher education

Industrial and civil construction, Research and design of buildings and structures



EnglishB1 — Intermediate

Professional development, courses

Institute for Development of Financial Markets
School of personal financial education "Finstart", Personal finance

Tests, examinations

Search engine accreditation program of the company Begun
Begun, Accredited dealer
Search engine authorization program of the company Yandex
Yandex, Authorized Partner

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter