Piskov Andrey Yevgenyevich

Male, 31 year, born on 1 January 1988

Moscow, willing to relocate (Saint Petersburg, Other regions), prepared for business trips

+7 (915) 384-74-83
 email is better
andrey.piskov@gmail.com — preferred means of communication

Product director, product manager, CPO, CTO

620 000 RUB

  • Investment
  • IT, Internet, Multimedia
  • Consulting

Employment: full time

Work schedule: remote working, flexible schedule, full day

Work experience 12 years 6 months

May 2011currently
8 years 7 months
Ontarget (Detech group)


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

IT Products Director (Head of IT, Design, and Product)
Подробное резюме по-русски: http://goo.gl/NBIc5

For this work I received a letter of commendation with a medal from President Putin for rendering great services to Sochi 2014 Olympics.

SaaS assessment system for occupational, ability, and psychological assessment from scratch under my command (both Silverlight and HTML versions for desktop and mobile: ontargetsystem.ru). Anti-fraud, full progress telemetry.

More details at
https://ontarget.ru (copy and design, mine).

Clients: every volunteer of “Sochi 2014” Olympics (integration with volunteers portal), every candidate of Sberbank Russia career protal (integration with career portal in 2012—2015), integrations with Gazprom neft SAP and Sanofi Russia, integration with FIFA World Cup 2018 volunteer portal; assessment in Ozon.ru, Rosatom, Alfa-bank, Uralchem, Kazakhmys, Unilever, Philip Morris, Mosenegro, Gazprom-Media, Aeroflot, VTB, Yum, Efes, Transneft, and many-many others.

Localized for Russian, French, English, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

In charge of all UI, product features, and user interactions. As well as all printed layout (test results, reports, psychological profiles, etc.). Coordinated system regarding matters for both our Russian and Ukrainian branches (business consultants, sales, support service, analytics).

Coded critical system parts by myself (and architecture of entire system with billing). Interviewing, hiring, and QA (in-house + outsourced developers). Scoping, estimating, and scheduling of project development and IT budget planning. Consulting.

Negotiating with our clients (their CTOs, software architects, product owners, or even government officials in our consulting projects with Russian Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Labor) on matters of features, integration (from in-house to SAP), as well as revision of technical parts in contracts (for example on Sberbank’s side it was Microsoft + Competentum) implementing many aspects of CTO (there is no need for standalone one in the company).

Used C# 7, Silverlight 5, HTML, CSS, WCF, WCF RIA Services, Automapper, RestSharp, TPL, Reactive Extensions, SQL Server, EF, Microsoft Office Integration, Microsoft Enterprise Library (Unity, Logging), Fluent Validation. MVVM, IoC.

Also supervise the HTML 5 app version (LESS, Angular, Typescript).

Tools: Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Highrise CRM, VS 2017, Expression Blend, Mindnode, Omnigraffle.

See some screenshots below.

Work process samples in Russian:
https://goo.gl/bwEPB8 (mobile version p. 1)
https://goo.gl/LXcHRf (mobile version p. 2)
https://goo.gl/N3ExhR (personal data and content optimisation)
https://goo.gl/F159yG (reports typography and layout)
https://goo.gl/tLTnrw (native swipe gestures emulation in browsers)
https://goo.gl/jB6QdQ (form validation)
December 2010March 2011
4 months
IT Coding


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Consulting CTO
Consulting start-up project team (they’ve created an outsourcing company), not full-time: projects estimation costs, requirements specification, negotiations, commercial offers, QA. In the meantime dived into just emerged Windows Phone 7 platform.

Recommendation in Russian by Vladimir Bratchikov, Project manager:
Андрей Евгеньевич за тот небольшой срок, что провел с нами, успел оказать неоценимую помощь компании. Он знает, как, какими средствами и в какие сроки необходимо реализовать ту или иную задачу, что позволяет ему создавать успешные коммерческие предложения, составлять подробные технические задания и объяснять клиенту любую информацию «на пальцах». Эта же осведомленность позволяет ему отобрать необходимый персонал и проконтролировать выполнение любой задачи (более того, решить ее самому), в процессе создания продукта. Помимо прекрасных технических навыков, он обладает отличными коммуникативными навыками и может вести успешные переговоры.
September 2010November 2010
3 months


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Software Architect
Financial software development (trader applications).
Project: xTrader

Collaborative project between Cyprus company with Russian roots and just emerged Moscow office (most of the interaction were in English). Was in charge of Russian branch (also acted as a Moscow office manager for workplace supplies and hardware) and as overall software architect for both. Interviewed and hired developers all over the Russia to move to Limassol (preferably) or Moscow. Defined core architecture and overall development course.

In November all members of a Moscow office were willing and ready to relocate. Wasn’t ready to leave Moscow mostly for some health problems at that moment, this as a result led to a conflict with a CEO in Limassol. Got a proposal to stay in project on a piecework basis from home but wasn’t fond of it.

Used: C# 4, WPF 4 (+ custom controls), Reflection, Obfuscation, Task Parallel Library, LINQ, Fluent Validation, Windows 7 integration, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Code Contracts, MVVM, VS 2010, Expression Blend 4.
Jira, QA, TDD, Scrum.
February 2010September 2010
8 months
Mediaparts Interactive (FB Media Solutions)


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Windows version Team Lead, Software Architect
Project: FlippingBook Photographer.

Windows client from scratch. All architecture, business, and UI logic implementation mostly by myself. Interviewed and hired developers for other company’s projects (FlippingBook Publisher). Project was successfully released in August 2010.

Technologies used: WPF 4, custom controls, T4 templates, LINQ, XSLT, Reflection, Obfuscation (using Codefort), WCF, TPL, Code Contracts, XXTEA-encryption, Windows 7 integration (recovery, task dialogs, taskbar item task list, recent items, thumbnail preview, etc.), UAC preferences.

Pattern: MVVM.
Jira, Scrum, QA.
See some screenshots below.

Recommendation in Russian by Anton Remizov, Project Manager:
Андрей сумел за сравнительно короткий срок спланировать, спроектировать, разработать и довести до точки продаж с успешным обновлением версий продукт с уникальным дизайном и технологиями, подчас решая нерешаемые задачи. Это, в некоторой степени, уникально, так как мало кому доводится принимать успешное и активное участие во всех циклах разработки продукта — в полном соответствии с его поражающими охватом навыками. Андрей является большим источником инноваций, внимательным коллегой, позитивным и прекрасным другом. Таких, как он — единицы. Мы желаем ему всего самого лучшего.
October 2009January 2010
4 months
Cyberhull (Russian branch)


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Software Developer (fixed 4-months contract)
Fulltime contract job for specified period in company’s office for american Starz TV Channel (they were past deadline and needed some horsepower with additional developers for a fixed period). Сustom workflow foundation server, DB data access layer. NDA.

Collaboration with developers in Denver, USA (conference calls, emails, — all in English). Also participated as Scrum master in my team.

Skills: WF, WCF, ADO Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, MS SQL Server 2008, XSD to Code, LINQ.
Jira, Scrum, QA, TDD.

Recommendation by Nikita Dudnik, Senior Flash Programmer:
Andrey is a cheerful person with a deep understanding of different programming paradigms. You won't find another one dot net specialist with a knowledge of Haskell and real life applications of functional programming.
September 2008July 2009
11 months
National Research University of Electronic Technology


Educational Institutions... Show more

Software developer and software architect
Librarian system for working with info about university’s technical publications from scratch all by myself.

SQL 2005 (database engine + RS), C# 3.0 (WPF, LINQ), TDD.
March 2007September 2008
1 year 7 months


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C# Developer
Small freelance projects to gain experience in .NET and C#.

Key skills

Agile Project Management
Launching new products
.NET Framework
Product Management
Project management
Software Development
System Analysis
Visual Studio C#
Writing Texts
Atlassian Jira
Entity Framework
Presentation skills
Leadership Skills

About me

You should also read my profound CV in Russian: http://goo.gl/NBIc5
My personal email: andrey.piskov at gmail.com

N. B. Appraisals, bonuses, stock shares, etc. are deeply appreciated as long as the fixed gross month wage (portrayed above) is not lessened.

Also see “Professional development, courses” section below.

Work process samples in Russian:
https://goo.gl/bwEPB8 (mobile version p. 1)
https://goo.gl/LXcHRf (mobile version p. 2)
https://goo.gl/N3ExhR (personal data and content optimisation)
https://goo.gl/F159yG (reports typography and layout)
https://goo.gl/tLTnrw (native swipe gestures emulation in browsers)
https://goo.gl/jB6QdQ (form validation)

Also you may be interested in some of my articles and comments in Russian on attention to details (Tinkoff bank, Uber):

Trend watching. See everything. Stay up-to-date on all the latest technology, design, psychology, social, environmental, and industry trends. Get inspired about what’s happening in the world and apply a unique lens to it.

Research, planning, and project management. Uncover insights and behaviors that will drive the direction of a project. Planning out the tactics for capturing the right data during the elaboration phases of a project. Use agile (Scrum or Kanban) through lens of ITIL practices. Big experience in scoping, estimating, and scheduling of project development and producing detailed associated documentation. As in interviewing and hiring.

A calm, organised, and coherent leadership style with an uncanny prescience.

The ability to view projects from a high level perspective, drawing on knowledge from other members of the team in order to make strong, balanced, and clear decisions, whilst also communicating the consequences of these decisions to the team. Comfortable delving into the complexities of challenging logic and getting a handle on subject matter that may be foreign.

Prototyping. Regularly proposing strategies and approaches is a core competency. Comfortable concepting from scratch, as well as responding to detailed agency briefs.

Have a keenly developed aesthetic sense and a practitioners background in coding, design, and copywriting. Can lead while fostering a creative and collaborative environment that thrives on an exchange of ideas.

Exceptional ability to communicate (written, oral, and telepathic) complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand, ensuring that non-technical colleagues and clients are able to understand approaches, issues, and risks. Can be very persuasive regardless of the opponent (proven experience with up to deputies in state ministries). Best in Russian of course, but I am constantly improving in my English skills (currently advanced as in C1 of Common European Framework proficiency levels).

— a strong, unique design sense;
— immense attention to detail;
— understanding the relationship between visual design and software development;
— ability to participate and lead in group collaboration (even in geographically distributed one, had experience with teams in Denver, Limassol, and Kiev);
— strong sense of pride in my work.

I can foster any tech project (though I’m more interested in a product role, than CTO), but if you want to know what I can do with my “bare hands”, here’s the developer’s list:
— .NET Framework, C# (since 2006);
— Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, SQL Reporting Services. Vast experience in database design;
— LINQ (to SQL, Entities, XML, objects);
— PLINQ, Tasks parallel library, Reactive extensions;
— ADO Entity Framework (EF 6, Core);
— WCF, Web API (2, Core), WCF RIA services, WCF data services, RestSharp;
— HTML and CSS;
— Windows Azure (architectural layer knowledge);
— T4 templates, Automapper, regex;
— WPF and Silverlight (vast experience in all fields from animation to custom controls);
— Visual Studio 2017 (software development, unit testing, profiler), Expression Blend, Mindnode;
— long-long ago had some functional background with Erlang, SWI Prolog and Haskell;
— Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Highrise CRM.

Also I’m currently in the midst of machine learning and data analysis speicalization on Coursera since 2018 (see courses section below): Python, NumPy, SciPy, etc.

Jim Camp, Gavin Kennedy, Nigel Latta, Dale Carnegie, Robert Cialdini, Ogilvy, Jan Tschichold, Robert Bringhurst, and Edward Tufte are heroes that changed my life.

As for the afterword, always remember Red Adair’s words: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”.

Thank you.


Higher education (master)

Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Master of Science (M.S.), Computer and Information Sciences
Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science



EnglishC1 — Advanced

Professional development, courses

Machine learning and data analysis
MIPT, Yandex
Yandex Praktium: 9 months web developer course
Text Design and Visual Storytelling
Maxim Ilyahov, Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau, User engagement, retention, and motivation
Master class: “Grand re-typesetting”
Igor Shtang
Design and legal rights
Vladimir Belyaev, Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau, Legal rights (design, clients)
Informational style and text editing
Maxim Ilyahov, Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau, Editing, copywriting, advertising
Professional testing (aptitude tests)
Ontarget, HR, assesment
Professional questionnaires (personality, motives, safety and loyalty measures, fraud, etc.)
Ontarget, HR, assesment
Project management (1-year course in English by Dr. Martin Gitsels, Vice-President and the Director of the Department of Siemens Corporate Technologies in Russia)
MIET, Project management. Graduation project: “Scrum”. With distinction.

Tests, examinations

Oxford Online Placement Test, CEFR Level C1
Oxford Test, English proficiency

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Up to one hour