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Gorokhov Boris

Мужчина, 31 год, родился 23 апреля 1991

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Китай, готов к переезду (Китай, Сингапур), готов к командировкам

Senior legal counsel

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Занятость: полная занятость

График работы: гибкий график, полный день, удаленная работа

Опыт работы 7 лет 8 месяцев

Февраль 2022по настоящее время
11 месяцев
PingPong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Китай, eu.pingpongx.com/eu/about

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Senior legal counsel
1. Responsible for the legal and compliance support of customized financial products for domestic and oversea major customers (including the United States, the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India, etc.), including but not limited to: cross-border payment and settlement, supply chain finance, advertising and marketing, e-commerce, data compliance, anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance. 2. Provide legal and compliance advice for the company's cross-border payment business and products. Identify the risks of business models, products and other matters, carry out top-level legal and compliance design for the launch, operation and commercialization of new businesses and products, and provide risk assessment opinions and solutions; 3. Participate in the design and solution of complex transactions or product structures. Evaluate and build the legal framework required for business development. Independently handle legal affairs related to innovative business and draw up agreements; 4. Establish a standardized contract approval process. Participate in the online and standardized construction of legal documents; 5. Independently establish a global data compliance system (including but not limited to: drafting various privacy policies and compliance documents, establishing a data compliance system for the whole business process from collection, cross-border transferring, processing and storage, etc.); 6. Be responsible for communicating and reporting with regulatory authorities, continuously paying attention to changes in relevant laws, regulations and regulatory policies, and providing legal risk opinions and compliance suggestions in a timely manner;
Июнь 2021по настоящее время
1 год 7 месяцев
Kuaishou Technology


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Senior legal counsel
1. As a senior legal counsel, responsible for solving comprehensive legal issues, including Russia, former CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and other countries and regions. 2. Develop a localized legal strategy for the group. Structure, maintain and execute an effective compliance program for the international business team. Coordinate resources, improve team level. Cooperate with the company's overseas strategic development and assist in the implementation of business compliance 3. Have a primary focus on supporting the business team with implementing of compliance program and managing regulatory risks during a period of growth as the business expands its activities. 4. Work cross-functionally with tech and business team to establish the company's data compliance system. Identify business scenarios and implement laws and regulations into relevant processes; 5. Monitor and implement regulatory change impacting the business. Develop new or update policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to the business.
Май 2020Май 2021
1 год 1 месяц
Cainiao Supply Chain (Alibaba group)


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Senior legal specialist
1. Provide support on general corporate and commercial legal matters for the company’s Russian entities, covering not limited to: M&A, international logistic, data compliance, etc; 2. Support the drafting and negotiation of various contracts and legal documents (Inc. procurement, site leasing, logistics, etc.); 3. Establish contract management, optimize contract approval process, and conduct business legal training; 4. Identify and manage legal risks in merchant claims and provide solutions; 5. Cooperate with business, finance, technology and other departments to provide legal and compliance advice and support; 6. Establish the company's data compliance system. Identify business scenarios and implement laws and regulations into relevant processes;
Август 2019Май 2020
10 месяцев
Rusagro group


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Legal counsel
1. Provide legal support for daily business of the company. Related fields include but not limited to: international trade, international logistics, supply chain management, company registration, land purchase and leasing, infrastructure construction, personnel, taxation, etc.); 2. To study national and regional regulatory requirements, laws and regulations, investment promotion and land policies, etc. to provide solutions for business implementation; 3. Provide legal advice and solutions to the business team on the implementation of business agreements, business models and strategies, business operations, marketing activities and product supply.
Январь 2014Март 2018
4 года 3 месяца
VT law firm


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1. Investigation and advice to Chinese companies on Russian projects (project background investigation, analysis of tender documents, review of contract conditions, etc.). 2. Providing legal services to the Chinese companies, one of the main tasks is to provide them with advice and services on labor law in Russia and the former CIS countries; Boris G. 3. Conduct legal consultation for foreign Internet enterprises in China; (including website ICP, trademark, intellectual property, payment platform, call center and other related license processing). 4. Responsible for drafting and reviewing contracts and legal other documents

Ключевые навыки

Data Compliance
Legal research
Contract drafting

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Experience: 1. Graduated from top-ranked law school in China, currently studying the online master of international law program, with a solid professional foundation; 2. 8 years of international legal experience in well-known law firms and large IT MNC. Has rich experience in legal, compliance and business implementation cooperation. Deep understanding of e-commerce, cross border logistics, supply chain, payment solutions. Skills and personality: 1. Familiar with GDPR, CCPA and China data protection law, export control and sanctions law, etc. 2. Proficient in legal affairs, establishment and operation of compliance framework and risk control, etc. 3. Strong analytical and drafting skills. 4. Good communication skills and be able to work effectively with team members and with cross-function partners. 5. Flexible, solution-oriented, self-motivated individual with good business acumen; 6. Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects. 7. Ability to work independently in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment. 8. Proficient in Chinese, English and Russian, can be used as working language;

Высшее образование

华东政法大学 Университет политики и права (Шанхай)
Юриспруденция, Международное право

Знание языков


АнглийскийC1 — Продвинутый

КитайскийC2 — В совершенстве

Повышение квалификации, курсы

Повышение квалификации
Coursera, GDPR

Тесты, экзамены

Штаб-квартира Института Конфуция
Университет Цингхуа, HSK 4

Гражданство, время в пути до работы

Гражданство: Россия

Разрешение на работу: Китай

Желательное время в пути до работы: Не более часа