Titov Sergei Lvovich

Male, 51 year, born on 7 June 1967

Moscow, m. Orekhovo, not willing to relocate, prepared for business trips

+7 (903) 114-15-71 (любое время)
post@titovsergei.ru — preferred means of communication

General manager

170 000 RUB
  • Sales

Employment: full time

Work schedule: full day

Work experience 25 years 11 months

October 2016 — until now 
2 years 1 month
KARUS group

Automotive Business... Show more

  • Cars, Trucks, Motor Transport, Buses, Trolleybuses (Manufacturing)

Commercial Director, CEO
The b2b market. Manufacture and sale of special purpose vehicles, ambulances. Strategic and operational planning, commercial services, marketing, recruitment of staff, introduction of CRM, marketing, technical specifications for works on site advertising.
The company's annual sales more than 100 million rubles, the growth 2017/2016 of the order of +25%. 1C 8.3 accounting, Bank-client, AmoCRM / CRM Quick Sales 2.
Financial planning, optimization of business processes.
February 2013 — July 2016
3 years 6 months
FutureBest Ltd.

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  • Business Education
  • Higher Education Institution, Secondary Specialized College, College, Vocational School
  • Professional Development, Retraining
  • Teaching Foreign Languages

Commercial Director, Financial Manager
Strategic and operational planning of the commercial Department, setting sales targets, monitoring their implementation, building an effective management system. Financial analyst. Control and reduction of receivables. Management of price and assortment policy of the organization. Negotiations with the first persons of the companies. Development and implementation of business processes.
Closing debts (commission payments) of foreign contractors (educational institutions of Canada, Belgium, England, Malta). Operational management of the company (office, staff, implementation of CRM), control SEO promotion of the site through the InGate firm (CMS Joomla, 1C Bitrix, WordPress).
September 2011 — October 2012
1 year 2 months
NanoPharm Ltd.

FMCG (non-edible)... Show more

  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Manufacturing)
  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Promotion, Wholesale)

Commercial Director, Financial Manager
Shampoo "Nanofarm" for the treatment of hair.
The b2c market: the pharmaceutical market (pharmacies Gorzdrav, pharmacy, SamsonPharma, network clients), primaquine cosmetics.
The subordinate personnel: 10 employees.
Ensuring sales growth and profitability of the company (Moscow, regions), financial management, analysis of CashFlow (movement of money) and P&L (profit & loss), management of primary and secondary sales (sell in & sell out), expense management, receivables management (reduced in 2 times), financial reporting, budgeting, sales and FSP, development of motivation of employees and customers, financial management, management of sales and a warehouse, monitoring the placement of contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords
Complete change of company personnel for 4 months (11 persons), the creation of a city sales Department, creation of regional sales team back office (office Manager, accountant), working out logistics. Exit to the break-even point = 4 months.
May 2010 — September 2011
1 year 5 months
Advanced Line Group

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  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Manufacturing)
  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Promotion, Wholesale)

Commercial Director, Financial Manager
Means for eyelash growth and hair by Advanced Line.
The b2c market: the pharmaceutical market (pharmacies A5, PROTEK), beauty salons, cosmetics shops, barbershops, network, "Douglas-Rivoli".
The subordinate personnel: 15 employees.
The average monthly growth of sales (receipts of money) 4 times per year, the increase in the active customer base twice
Ensuring sales growth and profitability of the wholesale sales Department (Moscow, regions), receivables management, budgeting, sales and wages-fund, development of motivation of employees and customers, communication with financial Department, marketing Department, the formation of the business registration process state registration and statements on foreign products (including normative documents of the Customs Union 01.07.2010).
October 2002 — February 2010
7 years 5 months
Lumene group (Russia)

FMCG (non-edible)... Show more

  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Promotion, Wholesale)

Head of sales department Cutrin-Moscow
Cutrin professional hair cosmetics from Finland.
The b2b market: beauty shops, cosmetics barbershops. Pharmacy network "120/80". Annual turnover of $ 2 million. The average sales Cutrin 10 times in 7 years by expanding the customer base, the level of overdue receivables less than 5% of sales, ensure the stable operation of the warehouse and timely delivery, low staff turnover
The subordinate personnel: 35 employees.
Ensuring sales growth and profitability of the division Cutrin-Moscow, monitoring receivables, developing sales plans for the year/quarter/month, interaction with wholesalers and distributors on the territory of "Golden Ring", budgeting, sales and FSP, development of motivation of employees (sales, office, warehouse, logistics), development of functional staff members (delegation of authority), the analysis of the implementation of sales budgets/wages-fund , reporting on form P&L, warehouse management and logistics, exhibition management, analysis of competitors in the market, control of cash registers (registration, reporting), monitoring of completeness assortment of products in the warehouse, monitoring the timeliness of reporting to head office
March 2001 — August 2002
1 year 6 months
Barbershop Kreativ

FMCG (non-edible)... Show more

  • Household Cleaning Products, Fragrance, Cosmetics (Promotion, Wholesale)

CEO (General manager)
Type of business Shop of professional cosmetics (for hairdressers and beauty salons)
Brans: Wella, Londa, Kadus, Cutrin, Dikson, Keune. Sim. GoldWell, Selective, Schwarzkopf, Revlon
Responsibilities, starting a business from scratch, recruitment, development of motivation
The subordinate personnel: 20 employees.
The results of the Set at the breakeven point after 1 year
August 1996 — August 2002
6 years 1 month
Beauty salon "Na Donskoi"

Public Services... Show more

  • Beauty Salons

CEO (General manager)
Beauty salon "Na donskoi", Moscow, donskay St., 3
Business type beauty salon (6 chairs, manicure, pedicure, cosmetic, solarium)
The subordinate personnel: 30 employees.
Professional hair products Schwarzkopf, Kadus
Responsibilities, starting a business from scratch, recruitment, development of motivation
The results of the Set at breakeven after 3 months full ROI in 3 years
April 1992 — July 1996
4 years 4 months
Unitary enterprise "MosAutoGas"
Technical support engineer
The national network of automobile gas filling stations, support, revision management system payroll in accounting. Database Clipper, FoxPro, dBASE.

Key skills

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Higher education, Moscow engineering and physics Institute (diploma with honors)Control sales in the market of beauty salonsControl sales at the market barbershopsManagement sales in pharmaceutical market (Samson Pharma, A5, 120/80, Gorzdrav), PROTEKSales in the market of decorative cosmetics (Eliza, arbor Mundi), the economic efficiency of salesManagement in the market of foreign education salesManagement e-Commerce (Yandex.Direct, Google.Adwords)CEO of the enterprise 50 employees, subordinate to the departments of sales, logistics)Optimization staff, organization of recruitment, experience managing remote staff in the regionsFinancial Management, payments, S.W.I.F.T & IBAN, reports, P&L, CashFlowWork in 1C 8.0 7.0, setting order programmers to generate reportsWorking with content management systems CMS: Joomla, HostCMS, WordPress, BitrixOrganization of the company stand at exhibitions InterCHARM

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About me

+ higher technical education, Moscow engineering physics Institute, diploma with honor, specialization "management theory"
+ 6 years working as General Director (two firms)
+ basic knowledge of accounting under RAS
+ experience of creating a branch of a firm in Moscow (recruitment, sales, warehouse, logistics, ECR)
+ crisis management (financial analysis, cost reduction, optimization of state exit on break-even)
+ organization of effective interaction of structural subdivisions
+ financial management: budgeting, sales, Fund RFP to the Department, the advertising budget, the statements are in the format of P&L (profit & loss), CashFlow (cash flow) consolidating several firm (holding)
+ experience managing a team of 50 employees
+ experience in conducting negotiations at the level of CEOs
+ 5 years experience in foreign companies (Finland)
+ implementation of measures to reduce costs and increase profitability
+ development and writing business development plans (narrative and financial part)
+ development of algorithms of business processes and putting them to work
+ audit of existing staff incentive schemes, development and commissioning of new schemes
+ experience in sales in different markets over 20 years
+ experience of sales development with limited budgets (start-up projects)
+ experience of implementing a CRM-system Quick Sales = control of managers ' work with clients
+ willingness to take responsibility for their decisions
+ experience of launching a start-up to breakeven point and profitability (with minimized budgets development)
+ organize the process of state registration EurAsEC cosmetics
+ logistics management, shipping and warehouse
+ marketing: promotions, advertising support, Real

+ there is a personal car of Hyundai Elantra, driving experience since 1991
+ experience of business trips: to China, Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, have a valid passport of the new sample
+ English (experience of communication and negotiation Finland, USA, Germany)
+ higher education, diploma of MEPhI with honors
+ experience working with large volumes of information


Advanced Line group

On demand (CEO) 

Lumene ltd.

On demand (CEO) 

VILV ltd.

On demand (CEO) 

FC group ltd.

On demand (CEO) 

Higher education

Institute of Functional Nuclear Electronics NRNU MEPHI
specialization: development of automated control systems, diploma with honors


Russian — native

English — I read professional literature

German — basic knowledge

Professional development, courses

Financial management of organization
International financial Academy, Financial management, Financial management of organization
Language center "Business Lingua", Intermediate

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter