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At Readify, we exist to transform the business of delivering software. We do this based on real experience delivering successful, beautiful software solutions in all kinds of industries and environments. We make it happen, founded on beliefs such as:

  • Automated testing is not a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.
  • Continuous delivery is an achievable reality for all of our customers.
  • Doing agile" is not useful. Continuous feedback and improvement (inspecting and adapting) is.
  • Our software communities are the lifeblood of our industry, and we have a responsibility to grow and influence them.

The role:
As a Developer, Senior Developer or Senior Consultant in our Field Team, you'll spend majority of your time on-site with our clients. We work directly with them because we're not just about delivering projects, but about improving the *way* our customers deliver projects. The kind of deep mentoring and coaching this requires is difficult to do remotely.

In our Field team, we operate in a couple of different modes depending on the customer's needs: paratrooper mode (existing customer teams that need help delivering) or SWAT Team mode (purely Readify team, generally on greenfields projects). The experience you'll get in these two modes is quite different, but they both have a common set of core competencies you'll need to be successful:

Software (Technical Excellence)
We ship code all the time. C# is our native language, but we're adaptable to the customer's needs. You will be asked to show you can write and deploy working code before we schedule an interview with you; this is necessary because our technical interviews are detailed and in-depth. We want to make sure you're truly interested in the role before spending this time. Operating at a Readify level, we expect you'll demonstrate a working knowledge of topics ranging from IoC and the .NET framework, to deployment and automated testing.

We'll go broad and we'll go deep to find the extent of your skills & knowledge.

Consulting (Communication and Soft-skills)

You'll need excellent written and spoken English to be considered for this role. None of our roles are "just developer" roles - they're all client-facing. Our consultants aren't just productive team members - they are influencers, coaches, mentors, teachers and business partners. Great people skills are key. Scrum is our modus operandi, so experience working in agile teams (or at least a good appreciation for the hows & whys of agile approaches) will position you well.

We're about changing the business of software development, and change doesn't happen without awesome leadership, communication and influencing skills. We'll help you build these along the way, but you'll need a good base to start from.

The benefits:
Visa Sponsorship
At Readify, we're looking for the top consultants from around the world. To do this, we sponsor Australian Working Visas (457) for those who can meet the high bar we're searching for. Our legal partners will assist you through the process.

The number one benefit of working at Readify is the people you'll get access to. Joining us, you become part of a vibrant internal community, a huge support network where you can't *help* but learn new things, just by osmosis. Our people are big names in the software community, running user-groups, conferences, hack-days and learn-to-code camps. Some of our shining stars include:

  • Rob Moore: Testing enthusiast; Agility practitioner; high-five/fist-bump king.
  • Rahul Nath: Blogger; Azure ninja; all-round nice guy.
  • Mouna Neelakanta: Kids' coding mentor; UX believer; champion public speaker;
  • Daniel Chambers: Lambda lover; Docker cheerleader; dry-wit distributor.

Career development
We have an industry-leading, feedback-centric, peer-based career progression approach. Our consultants write and maintain their own job descriptions in a living document we call MadSkillz. It's on GitHub. Check it out.
We bring agile to all we do. We encourage regular "career retros" for you to reflect on where you're at, set goals to tackle gap areas, and then review how you improved. Rinse, repeat. This process is self-driven; you get out what you put in. We give you the tools, time and support you need - you bring the passion and drive.

Dollars & other bits
You can expect: a salary reflective of the excellence we seek; significant paid professional development time; paid courses, conference tickets and travel; freedom to manage your own device and software with a $4k "toolkit allowance" every two years; access to awesome Telstra staff benefits; self-managing teams including our whole leadership structure; absence of the arbitrary processes and restrictions you'd be used to from big corporates.

The challenges:
The role of the consultant is not an easy one. By definition, the work we do is about helping our customers succeed where they have previously struggled. We therefore deal with a variety of technical and non-technical challenges, including things such as: wrangling legacy code into the modern era; finding ways to put tests around the "untestable"; fighting the good fight to replace manual deployment with automated goodness; mentoring, coaching and teaching less-experienced developers; creatively applying improvements to turn "doing agile" into "being agile"; unravelling habits that have gotten teams into sticky situations; changing mindsets from "CABs and paperwork" to "test confidence and automation". These are difficult but not insurmountable - especially with the rest of the Readify team behind you as we tackle them together.

Because of our flat structure, we use a distributed leadership group to fulfil traditional management roles - you won't have a single line-manager. This can be confronting if you're not used to working in such an agile way. Your career growth, professional development, and success within Readify are largely yours to drive. We'll support you, but you're in the driver's seat.

This style of work won't suit everyone, and we're okay with that. But for those it does - you're going to love it!

The process

  1. Sign up via our online Apply process - 1 minute
  2. Complete a code puzzle - around 2hrs
  3. Tech interview (+ debugging challenge) - 1.5hrs
  4. Cultural/management interview - 1hr

We know our process is tough and involved. It requires writing code. That's intentional.

We're looking for people who thrive on a challenge.

Is that you?

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Sydney, Castlereagh St, 1-7
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