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Требуемый опыт работы: 1–3 года

Полная занятость, гибкий график

Xored — компания,
созданная инженерами
для инженеров.

A talented programmer

Things we don't look for

  • It doesn't matter whether you know Java or C++ and etc. In fact, you either don't know Nim, but we have project including it. On the other hand, if you happen to know Scala or Clojure properly, we would like to hire you skipping any interviews, but we have to interview you to make sure you are not a programming hipster after all.
  • Actually, we are not interested in a number of technologies you know or have ever used. They will certainly matter, but they are not required. What we do is creating technologies from a scratch; naturally, you cannot be expected to have them in your set of skills. However, if you have ever made or taken part in building a widely recognized piece of code, like Hibernate, Maven, Spring Framework, or Eclipse, we add you to payroll the next day you wrote to us.
  • We are equally not interested in any degrees and education certificates. That does not imply us being a bunch of unintelligent dimwits. The thing is that we believe education and intelligence are not synonymous. We do have a couple of PhDs, though.
  • We have no interest in your race, gender or sexual preferences. Though, we do have a couple of, you know.

Things we actually care about

  • Basics of programming are imperative. You don't have to have Knuth at the tip of your tongue, but some bits of Wirth's Algorithms + Data Structure are not supposed to be an epiphany either.
  • Profound knowledge of object-oriented programming is another must have. Instead of listening about design patterns, we'd rather see a fine example of your design.
  • You should follow new trends, but be not obsessed with them. Those who think Java and C++ are the supreme of programming evolution should stop reading this, it's highly unlikely we hire you. On the other hand, we ready to believe in J2EE and ASP.NET being the best if you can ground it. Not having ever fancied Cloud, NoSQL, or highly scalable architectures would be considered as a drawback. To cut a long story short, just tell us something new, captivating and having practical value, and we will definitely find common ground.
  • You should know how to make things and show results. We won't read blunt CV lines, that have nothing behind them. Give us something tangible; namely, either products you have done (even if it is a college project) or articles written about your works. If there is no trace of your code to be found on the Internet, what is the point you working anyway? By the way, a good article written by you or a witty idea said on a forum are worth mentioning too.

What we offer

  • Interesting and various work in creating tools for development and modeling (mostly in Java Stack).
  • Work integrated into worldwide software development process, and consequently awareness of the latest trends and achievements in Software development world.
  • Your code will be used by thousands people around the globe.
  • We appreciate innovations, and we have no managers to limit us technologically. The only managers we have are engineers too. We would give a try to a new technology or an organization solution, if you have any to suggest.
  • The only thing that can keep a lid on your profession growth is your skills.
Что привлекает наших сотрудников?

Результаты внутренних исследований
(декабрь 2017г.)

Инженерная среда В нашей компании вы найдете инженеров с высочайшей квалификацией, а также здоровую культуру разработки.
Амбициозные задачи Наши партнеры - это компании с мировым именем, которые обращаются к нам за высоким уровнем экспертизы.
Помимо проектов на заказ у нас всегда ведется разработка собственных продуктов.
Отсутствие бюрократии Если вы хотите иногда работать из дома, это не будет проблемой в нашей компании.
У нас гибкий график работы, нет менеджеров и открытые зарплаты.

Вакансия опубликована 29 ноября 2021 в Новосибирске

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