Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin Native Runtime)

от 230 000 руб. на руки

Требуемый опыт работы: более 6 лет

Полная занятость, гибкий график

Kotlin/Native is the technology for compilation of programs written in Kotlin programming language to the machine code, along with the interoperability facilities using LLVM compiler infrastructure. At the moment, we are looking for an interoperability engineer to help Kotlin/Native to support existing compatibility layer with C and Objective-C and support new languages and runtimes, such as C++ and Swift.

Your responsibilities:

As part of our team, you will be responsible for memory management and runtime system of Kotlin/Native. You will be working with Kotlin/Native own runtime, and on interoperability with JVM, Objective-C and Swift runtimes, to ensure safe and high performing execution of Kotlin code at the low level.


  • 8+ years of working experience in C/C++ programming
  • Deep understanding of JVM or CLR virtual machines
  • Understanding of compiler architecture (intermediate representation, lowering transformations etc.)
  • Deep understanding of concurrency paradigms and their hardware implementations (atomic operations, barriers, cache synchronization, CPU memory models)
  • Hands on experience with memory management schemes (safepoints, tracing and reference counting garbage collectors, allocators)
  • Experience of working on production virtual machine or runtime
  • Understanding of C++ runtime mechanisms (RTTI, exceptions)
  • Ability to use and refactor other people's code
  • Responsibility, independence, discipline
  • Strong analytical thinking


  • Knowledge of Kotlin or Objective-C/Swift
  • MS/PhD in CS, mathematics or physics
  • Experience with JNI programming or other cross-language interoperability mechanisms
  • Hands on experience with the LLVM infrastructure or Swift compiler

We offer:

  • Fascinating work in a friendly, young team.
  • Developing products for software developers much like ourselves.
  • High salary: determined individually, but definitely above the industry average.
  • Annual bonus.
  • Employment package: voluntary health insurance for employees, their wives/husbands and their children under age 18 (including dental insurance), 5 weeks of paid vacation.
  • Full salary during sick leave.
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Spacious comfortable office (open 24/7) with a private parking lot.
  • Ergonomic workspaces and cozy lounge zones.
  • Hot meals prepared on site, free drinks, fruits and snacks.
  • Office library with specialized work-related books and magazines.
  • Office gym (with washrooms), massage room, and a recreational zone.
  • Training, including English and German classes.
  • Opportunity to travel to professional conferences in Europe and the US.
  • Help in relocating from another region.

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Новокрестовская, Беговая, Санкт-Петербург, Приморский проспект, 68

Вакансия опубликована 2 декабря 2019 в Санкт-Петербурге

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