Cost control senior engineer

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Требуемый опыт работы: более 6 лет

Полная занятость, полный день

Responsibilities / Functions:

1.For the Onshore (Russia) portion of the Contracts awarded to Sister Companies, the duties of the Cost Control Engineer are:

  • To guarantee constant coordination with the Cost Control Team assigned to the Project;
  • To ensure correct allocation and classification as per C.B.S. of the general costs originated in Head Office;
  • To review and verify Purchase Requisitions, releasing them after control;
  • To support the Project Cost Control Team in the monthly assessment of Accruals;
  • To support the Project Cost Control Team in the elaboration of monthly cash-flow projections;
  • To support the Project Cost Control Team in the periodic forecasting and reporting of costs;
  • To implement and maintain a proper filing system of all Cost Control information and Reports;
  • To support and interface with Administration and Finance Department for the monthly alignment of SAP and 1C Book-keeping and Accounting Systems, ensuring full consistency of the data;
  • To support Administration and Finance Department during periodic auditing.

2.For fully Onshore (Russia) Contracts, the duties of the Cost Control Engineer are:

  • To assist the Project Control Manager during the “Transfer Meeting” endorsing all Backup documentation prepared during the bidding phase for EPC Large Projects, being active part during the analysis of data in terms of structure, congruities and traceability;
  • To develop the Original Budget after the handover of the Commercial one received during the “Transfer Meeting”;
  • To develop the first revision of the cash-flow in order to provide to Project Finance all data for the setup of Project Derivatives;
  • To establish the Cost Control System such as “Project Object” in different project Organization Schemes (Joint Ventures, Consortium, etc.), detail all data as per C.B.S. and the Project Cash-flow assigning specific activities to the Cost Control Engineers mobilized in Home Office, Other Project Operating Centers (when applicable) and Site;
  • To develop the Cost Control and Invoicing Procedures in accordance with the contractual requirements;
  • To establish the “Invoicing Register” as per Standard of the Department;
  • To implement inside the project the workflow as reported in the Cost Control Procedure, coordinating the Cost Control Engineers to proactively focus on the monitoring of each single cost category versus the period faced by the Project;
  • To assist the Project Control Manager during the assessment of the “Estimate to Complete” for all Project Phases:
    1. Engineering
    2. Procurement
    3. Construction
    4. Commissioning
  • To establish and maintain all Cost Control Documents and “Periodical Reports” in particular :
    1. PSR (Project Status Report)
    2. Cost Control Report
    3. Risks and Opportunities summary
    4. Monthly prorated costs/revenues
    5. Cash Flow
    6. Site Cost Control Report
  • To perform the periodical control activities to assess the project forecasts in terms of revenues, costs and profitability evidencing any deviations versus the Original/Revised Budget;
  • To support the Project Team and the Risks Engineer in performing the Risks Analysis to evaluate any costs impact and the effects of the contingencies allocation;
  • To support the Contract Manager in evaluating cost impact connected with both internal and external changes;
  • To populate the Budget Deviation Form for PD/PM signature in case of overrun;
  • To prepare and update the Contractual Revenues Matrix in case of Project financed by external entities like Sace or other State or Private Bank;
  • To prepare and release, upon Project Director/Project Manager approval, the “Periodical Reports” and the Corporate Budget / Revised Budget
  • To guarantee proper interface with Company Financial and Control Department
  • To have a proactive approach as part of the project team oriented to the fulfillment of the project objectives.

As a member of the department the duties of the Cost Control Senior Engineer should:

  • To provide a feedback to the Cost Control Head of Department concerning problems arising from the application of standard methods and work instruction to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department;
  • To guarantee the integrity of the data during to assessment of the Estimate to Complete;
  • To ensure technical specific improvement of the discipline.


- Sufficient experience in cost control function on large-scale EPC-projects

- Fluent English - mandatory

- 1C and SAP proficiency - mandatory

Ключевые навыки

MS PowerPoint
Adobe After Effect
MS Outlook
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