Localization manager

от 55 000 до 70 000 руб. до вычета налогов

Требуемый опыт работы: 1–3 года

Полная занятость, полный день

Who we are:

MEL Science is a Russian-British company with offices in St. Petersburg and London.

MEL Science is a science subscription box company that combines hands-on experiments with VR and AR technologies to engage kids in studying science.

We bring high-quality science education to over 60 countries around the world.

Our products are translated into 7 languages.

Our product and mission:

Оur mission is to make science education the new rock’n’roll.

We are breaking the stereotype that science is boring, difficult, and only for certain types of people.
We strive to make serious science accessible, interesting, and cool.

Science is about exploration, experiments, discovery, and asking questions - all of which comes naturally to all children.

We believe that every child is a scientist.

We help nurture children’s natural interest in science by giving them

- fun hands-on experiments to engage

- serious, detailed explanations to learn

- VR and AR technologies to dive deeper


• Participation in every stage of translating scientific texts into several European and Asian languages (initial translation, proofreading, typography, submission);

• Managing a team of 20+ translators, proofreaders and voice artists;

• Proofreading texts for orthographic, punctuation, and typographic errors;

• Participation in compiling a working glossary of standard terms and definitions, updating the translation bases;

• Cooperation with colleagues in other branches regarding a wide variety of questions concerning the object in question (content; accuracy of the scientific explanation; stylistics; checking typography; editing and submission of any translation materials: electronic and printed texts, video and audio materials, mobile apps, and the company website; coordination of deadlines; discussion of prioritization of assignments);

• Consulting with translators regarding stylistics and terms;

• Written translation from English to Russian and vice versa.

Skills and abilities:
• Fluent English;
• Irreproachable Russian;
• Broad worldview concerning linguistics, area studies, geography, and history;
• Genuine love for the written word;
• Reverence for punctuation, ligatures, and thin spaces;
• Scrupulousness, the ability to stay highly focused and complete monotonous assignments without making mistakes;
• Ability to meet deadlines (the cornerstone of all requirements);
• Interest in science as a whole and revivable memory of school-level chemistry;
• Work experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign is not required, but is a plus;
• Any knowledge of additional languages is not required, but is a plus.

Why choose us:

  • Creative, productive, and mutually supportive work environment;
  • A team of leading professionals in IT, science, and education;
  • Budget for self-enrichment and fitness,
  • English classes;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Up to 100% paid sick leave;
  • Comprehensive medical insurance with dentistry from day 1;
  • 31 days of paid vacation per year;
  • Netflix subscription (for additional English practice);
  • Salary at the TOP of the market with annual performance reviews and great potential for growth.

Вакансия опубликована 27 октября 2020 в Санкт-Петербурге

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