As a part of the Kaspersky ICS CERT Team this role is responsible for performing cyber threat intelligence research and providing expert support to Kaspersky ICS / IIoT and IoT security projects and initiatives, promoting Kaspersky ICS / IoT cyber security expertise and building relations with key industry drivers, cyber security community and enterprise customers.

The position focus will be:

  • Participate in threat hunting and threat intelligence research projects, analyze threat landscape, perform research into cyberattacks affecting and targeting ICS / IIoT / SmartCity / Transportation / Automotive infrastructures globally.
  • Perform cyber incident investigations on request from key industrial customers
  • Write analytical reports – both public and commercial
  • Speak at conferences across the Globe
  • Write articles, give interviews on ICS/IIoT/ cyber threat related topics
  • Provide cyber security expert support to Kaspersky ICS CERT service development projects
  • Participate in cybersecurity professional / expert training projects: develop training materials and deliver trainings
  • Contribute to Kaspersky – academia relations building Provide support to Kaspersky governmental relations activities and initiatives in the country / region of location.

What we expect from you:

  • Excellent knowledge of IT networking ( principles, technologies, architectures and solutions, protocols)
  • OT / IoT / telecom technologies knowledge would be an advantage
  • IT systems deep knowledge (x86/64 architecture / assembler (ARM and/or MIPS would be an advantage), Windows and Linux internals, popular filesystems and executable file formats)
  • Knowledge of technical methods of information security, as well as technologies and software and hardware means of information security (information security threats, software vulnerabilities and attack methods, cyberattack detection tools and technologies, malware reverse engineering and analysis, cyber threat hunting, digital forensics, incident investigation)
  • Programming skills C/C++ , one of the scripting languages
  • Communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork / collaboration skills
  • Good public speaking / presenting skills
  • Good working connections / relations building skills
  • Ability to work from remote – both as a part of a global team and as a self-sufficient combat unit
  • System-level problem solving thinking
  • Being self-motivated
  • Accuracy and due diligence to details
  • Ability and will to travel

Мы предлагаем:

Интересную работу

Команда лучших экспертов

Масштабные задачи

Самые современные технологии

Расширение технического кругозора

Социальный пакет

ДМС и страхование жизни (включая детей) с первого дня

100% оплата больничного

Бесплатное обучение: митапы, конференции, сертификации, 8 иностранных языков

Ежемесячный бонус на питание

Оплата мобильной связи

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2 спортзала и сауны прямо в офисе

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Security Researcher ICS CERT
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