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We operate in the debt management branch. This industry provides financial services in the following categories:

  • preventive management of debts and payments monitoring,
  • collection of overdue debts on commission (including also on behalf of securitization funds),
  • trade in overdue receivables and their collection on the purchaser’s own account

We treat factoring and other services connected with management of debts that are not overdue as a separate branch.

Within the debt trade market, one should distinguish wholesale market (mass debts portfolios) and retail market (individual cases). Both such markets can be diversified as far as quantity of cases and object of activity are concerned. Debt portfolios may comprise from several dozen to several dozen thousand cases, and the value of an individual debt may fluctuate between several dozen and several hundred thousand PLN. Small entities running business activity within a given region are usually interested in individual cases or portfolios with a small total value. Organizations with larger funds, able to purchase and handle portfolios with a significant value are usually active exclusively on the wholesale market.

Since 2001 until the present, Kredyt Inkaso S.A. has been active only in the sector of trade in debts resulting from mass services (wholesale market), purchasing mass debts portfolios and collecting them on its own account. We are the pioneers of this line of business. At the present moment, achieved experience and narrow specialization give us competitive advantage.
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