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ООО Novomet Group of Companies

Novomet is provider of various Artificial lift solutions and services including but not limited to: complete ESP systems, ESPCPs with downhole permanent magnet motor, metal-to-metal PCPs, rod pumps, equipment for CBM operation, water injection and treatment systems and many others. The Company is the industry leader in proprietary technology for severe down-hole conditions including high gas to oil ratio, high temperatures, abrasive and corrosive fluids, heavy oil. Novomet offers a wide range of oilfield services related to ESP installation, production optimization, field service and repair base technology.
Total number of employees is 5000 people. The Company supplies equipment and services to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Canada, USA, Colombia, Iraq, Indonesia, UAE, Romania, Egypt, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, India, South Sudan, Angola. Total number of wells under direct supervision is 7200 wells. The Company has an extensive network of service bases operating worldwide.

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