Infoline (Инфолайн) 


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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

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Infoline (Инфолайн) 

About Us

General Information About Our Company

What we do?

100% Turkish capital institution that aims to move knowledge get from public and successful projects to the neighboring countries in geography named Infoline; Web-based, multi-language software applications on Cloud Computing and enterprise mobile software accompanying is aiming to be among the rated companies in Turkey.

Who are we?

Our company that founded in 2003, mainly specializes in innovative cloud software technology also is a dynamic structure, produces solutions for following areas and develops projects. Infoline expresses at every opportunity that the most valuable asset is 'Human Resource' and targeted to be among the best companies in the industry with the experienced team. Innovativeness is significant for its customer, technology and employees in any environment so it gives importance to research and development.


Some of Our Reference Projects That We Carry On

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