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Study Tours 

Founded over forty years ago in 1972, the company arises from the beginning an ambitious and innovative goal: to ensure that the knowledge of a language, opportunities hitherto reserved for the few, might become accessible to all.

Since then, more than one million students who chose Study Tours.

Today the group is a leader in the world with offices in China, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, United States, Hungary.

Starting to operate in Moscow in January 2017, the company is looking to welcome new employees.

What do we do: We combine language learning cultural exchange, and academic performance in school trips abroad. We offer programs and courses that allow students to learn through travel and study in the classroom, at work and fun.

Our programs: junior summer camps, language courses abroad, high schools abroad.

Breaking down those barriers: to learn a language by discovering different countries and cultures. Create training on the needs of the individual, aimed at the creation of the citizens of tomorrow. Study Tours allows you to create, thanks to culture and education, endless possibilities for improving your lives. The customer is our point of departure and arrival, and his needs are our priority.

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