Continental Tires RUS

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Continental Tires RUS

Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide and currently employs approximately 150.000 in 46 countries.

The Passenger and Light Truck Tires (PLT) division develops and manufactures passenger car and light truck tires for compact, medium-size and full-size cars as well as tires for 4x4, vans and light trucks. The division produces tires under the brand names of “Continental”, “Uniroyal” (except in the NAFTA region, Columbia and Peru), “Semperit”, “Barum”, “General Tire”, “Euzkadi”, “Viking”, “Gislaved”, “Mabor”, “Matador”, “SIME Tyres” and, in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, “Dunlop”. The Passenger and Light Truck Tires division also includes the two-wheel business (motorcycle and bicycle and the retail tire companies with more than 2,200 specialty tire outlets and franchises in 13 countries.That is why we want you at our facility in Continental Tires RUS.

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