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Travel Class is the international platform for teachers and parents to plan and book school travel all over the world.
Travel Class is home to league of world-friendly open-minded discovery-driven teachers. Registration is by peer-to-peer invitation only. Club members only.

We help teachers to simplify all organisational hustle. Teachers can get instant quote for any program on the platform and book a tour for the whole classroom and for the best price. It also helps to manage parents and school students through all steps and process visas successfully. 

Platform is designed that each trip is getting cheaper the more students are in the group. 

We organise teacher summits, convention and master class to show how we work and help teachers grow professionally. 

Our team consists of three main units: school tour designers, partner care managers and Platform development team. 

Instagram: @travelclassrussia

Director: Kirill Khripunov (@kirill_khripunov)


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