Lucy in the Sky Inc

Lucy in the Sky Inc

Starting in Australia, almost two decades ago, Lucy in the Sky was created. As everything was more or less steady, we took a leap of faith and moved to the heart of Los Angeles’s Fashion District. As rewarding we knew the move was going to be, we knew there were going to be some challenges: fulfilling design aspirations and creating something unique. We quickly realized the struggle of going from shopfront to shop, looking for cute trendy pieces from local vendors. 

After a couple of years of following the typical fast fashion route, working with vendors, we wanted more. We knew if we wanted to create something unique, we had to do it ourselves. We began to create our designs based on what we believed our customers wanted but didn’t have yet. 

What seemed crazy at the time actually began to come together. Our unique styles produced quickly at affordable prices were a hit. In-house design led to multiple floors of cutters and sewers, sample and pattern makers, an entire top floor design studio. With every other store moving overseas, we’re creating and producing everything locally here in Los Angeles - with all employees paid above average with benefits, producing a great product. It may sound unreal, but it is possible. 

We’re starting this blog because we want to show you what we’re creating for the future, fashion tips, and much more. Our goal is to inspire our Lucy Babe whether it’s in fashion or whatever their hearts desire, but most important: to never give up and always chase your dreams because the sky’s the limit.

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