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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

2Nova Interactive

We’re technology company, that helps large blue chip clients with digital transformation through customer-centric approach & lean and agile processes.

We accompany our clients through the whole process of digital transformation — from defining an innovation strategy to outsourcing/outstuffing resources for its implementation and governance.


Our story

Digital Production | 2009
We’ve been digital from the very beginning. Founded in 2009 as a design and technology company, we’ve seen the landscape change dramatically.

Digital Agency | 2013
Our industry has evolved, our clients’ businesses and their challenges have become more complex, consumer behavior has changed — and we have changed.

Digital Transformation team | 2016
We believe that the most important value for business in this emerging era is empathy. Successful organizations will see the world through the eyes of every customer who interacts with their brand.
They will walk in their customers’ shoes, with every interaction, on every device, across every channel, every time. This kind of empathy, as we see it, is the highest-order value for what it means to be human.

Our services

Innovation Strategy Consulting
Transforming through the lens of the customer with a forward-looking vision and strategy

Product Design & Development
Creating value in every brand interaction through customer journey models, experiences and digital products

Data-driven Marketing
Real-time marketing through technology platforms, content marketing and creativity

Commerce & Business transformation
Reinventing and digitizing commerce and retail channels to drive more revenue and efficiencies

Analytics & Data Science
Data-native mindset and end-to-end approach to analytics services delivers cost efficiencies and new revenue growth

Evolving enterprise IT through new architectures, adoption of cloud technologies and agile operating models

Creative thinking and development process methods we use
Design thinking, Lean startup, Lean, Agile (scrum/xp/kanban)

Technology stack

langs: php, c#, javascript
back-end: php + Laravel, ASP.NET, NodeJS
front-end: ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
mobile: iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Java, Kotlin), ReactNative
dbms: mysql, mongodb, mssql, postgresql
infrastructure: Selectel VPC, AWS, MS Azure, Heroku

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