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BINDER. Best Conditions for your success

BINDER is the world’s leading specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratory applications. With a comprehensive range of products covering routine applications as well as highly specific tasks in the area of research and development, production and quality assurance.

BINDER is the brand when it comes to maximum precision requirements for the exact simulation of physical, chemical and biological ambient conditions.  With a clear focus on what BINDER is really good at:


Temperature: Heating and refrigeration techniques
Gas metering and control techniques   
Lighting engineering
Vacuum technology
Environmental simulation

With its comprehensive market performance, BINDER has reached a leading world-wide position. We are proud of this fact. And this is what drives us. Our list of customers includes every renowned company in 120 countries throughout the world.

Our passion for technology is what distinguishes us from the rest. Consistent technical perfection has enabled us to achieve an international leading position.

Lots of people talk about progress. We continuously initiate it.  We have always redefined the efficiency of temperature chambers, with technical sophistication and ingenuity. And we will continue to do so in future, too.

Innovation is a tradition at BINDER. Much of what automatically comprise temperature chambers nowadays was originally designed by BINDER. This is impressively documented by numerous patents.


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